Bashing Katy Perry For Copying Her Green Hair Is Lady Gaga’s Most Hypocritical Move Yet

lady-gaga-katy-perry-green-hair-feudIn a serious case of the pot calling the kettle a copycat, Lady Gaga has taken to Twitter to bash Katy Perry for jacking her style.

Lady Gaga recently tweeted:

Lady Gaga appears to be snarking about Katy Perry’s new Prismatic Tour, during which Katy Perry rides out at one point on a mechanical horse. Lady Gaga also rode a mechanical horse on the red carpet at the American Music Awards a few months ago. Katy Perry has also been rocking some pretty cool “slime green” hair that we’ve written about before, while Lady Gaga staked her claim on the color back in December. (For her part, Katy Perry says she got the idea for the slime green hair from Tumblr, where multicolored hair has reigned supreme for years.)

Fomenting Twitter drama over these things is pretty ridiculous. Lady Gaga had green hair first, but every young celebrity is rocking a candy-colored hair style this season. You don’t see Kelly Osbourne yelling at Nicole Richie for going violet. In fact, the matching shades just seemed to make them better BFFs. And Lady Gaga rode a puppet horse before Katy Perry, but starting a Twitter feud about it seems like a very bad PR move for Lady Gaga.

Considering how many times Lady Gaga has been accused of ripping off other artists, one would think she would choose to stay quiet on this particular issue. Gaga has been accused of copying Hussein Chalayan‘s bubble dress, Bette Midler‘s mermaid in a wheelchair character, and Madonna‘s “Express Yourself” song. Lady Gaga accusing other people of copying just makes us all remember all the times those accusations were leveled against her, and makes Gaga look like a hypocrite. It would have behooved her to let the green hair slide.

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    • Juzztin

      This article is ridiculous. You fail to point out the other instances where Katy has copied Gaga and others during her tour. You want to tell me puking up green paint is just a coincidence? The media goes wild with accusations everytime someone claims Gaga has copied them but when Gaga defends herself against clear plagiarism you slander her. There is a clear media bias against Gaga and it’s shown front and center here.

      • Jenny

        Clear plagiarism? Have you seen the difference in the shades of green or…? Also, have you not heard the number of songs Gaga has continuously copied?

    • Venus

      The fact she’s been called a copycats is exactly why she did it. If everyone on the planet, including Madonna, can say Gaga copied Madonna, why can’t Gaga say Katy copied her? Why? WHY?!?!?!??? Why is the media so anti Gaga? You fuckers should be bashed for even suggesting Gaga’s tweet was meant to be bashing Katy. If Madonna can call Gaga reductive, why can’t Gaga call someone else reductive? The title of this article offends me and makes me sick to know how the media feels about someone who has made such a difference. This is bullshit. I’m sure you’d do no less if you were Gaga, bashed by the media and “peers” alike. She deserves a leeway to dish out every so often. And it’s a bit strange that on top of the hair and horse, she pukes green stuff in her interlude. Gaga has been puked on in an interlude on The Monster Ball and in real life at SXSW.

      Write what you want, say what you want about me. If you’re wondering, know that I’m not sorry.
      You can’t have my heart, and you won’t use my mind, but do what you want with my body.

    • DavidRavenMoon

      Copying Gaga? How about Gaga copying Dale Bozzio from the 80s band Missing Person? Gaga copies lots of people, Dale, Bowie, and so on. I think Katie is a little more original, musically too.

      People have been dying their hair green before Gaga.