Even The Mighty And Powerful Angelina Jolie Messes Up Her Makeup

"The Normal Heart" New York Screening - Arrivals

Oh dear! Angelina Jolie has been afflicted by the terrible White Powder Makeup Accident. It’s been a while since this has happened to a major celebrity.

"The Normal Heart" New York Screening - Arrivals

It’s been getting more rare as we assume celebrity makeup artists have figured out how to prevent this kind of accident from happening, but still every once in a while we see a very important celebrity walk proudly onto a red carpet looking beautiful and confident with a face smeared with flour.

“How did that happen!?” the blog readers of the world would ask. “Didn’t she see a mirror?”

"The Normal Heart" New York Screening - Arrivals

But not only are we sure Angelina Jolie saw a mirror before stepping onto the red carpet at last night’s screening of The Normal Heart in New York, she was also accompanied by Brad Pitt the whole time. He surely would have told Angelina if he saw that her face was smeared in white powder, so as far as we’re concerned this instance just proves that whatever is happening with the White Powder Makeup Accident, it’s not visible to the naked eye.

In this picture, everything looks completely normal. There’s no glaring smear of white anywhere on her face.

"The Normal Heart" New York Screening - Arrivals

In the past the White Powder Makeup Accident has been blamed on HD finishing powders designed to make skin look smooth and flawless to high-definition cameras. Make Up For Ever makes one that is one of my personal favorite products ever. They are great products when used correctly–I swirl mine on with a kabuki brush and a very light hand– but they are not setting powders. If applied too heavily, they reportedly turn white under flash photography. That seems like a likely culprit here. And the terrible thing is that the White Powder Makeup Accident is completely invisible in real life, so nobody can warn you that a problem is about to happen. In order to banish the powder completely, celebrity stylists are going to have to start taking flash pictures before the celebrity even leaves, just to make sure there is no visible residue on the red carpet.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      I’ve never been so jealous of cheekbones

    • Michelle

      as my husband and i often ask each other when something similar happens ‘where were ya goose?!’… even if it was visible, he probably wouldn’t have noticed.