Solange Deleted All Her Instagrams Of Beyoncé And It’s Sad, Not Scandalous


Oh jeez Louise. Solange Knowlesviolent outburst directed at Jay Z after the Met Gala is really spiraling out of control, what with rampant speculation that blame Jay Z, rumors swirling, and no actual information on which to base conclusions. Now, people are reading into Solange’s Instagram actions–most specifically, Solange deleted almost every photo of her sister Beyoncé from her account. It’s really quite sad–this family is clearly going through something major and traumatic.

Deleting all but one photo of Beyonce (the one that was left is from last year and could have been a mistake) does seem pretty pointed. Scrubbing someone from social media is one of the most public ways you can drop someone from your life, and so who even knows what’s happening between the two of them. But it’s now added to the rumors surrounding the altercation and we have a fun, gossipy narrative: Solange was defending Beyoncé from Jay Z. Jay Z provoked Solange. Beyoncé didn’t support Solange, and so Solange dropped her from her life. Boom, we’ve got a story. It’s as salacious and neatly tied up as is it unsubstantiated.

This is the type of story with more questions than answers, and we’re all just grasping at straws here to try to fit it all together. The problem with drawing conclusions from vague information is that it can hardly paint an accurate picture, and so we take the easiest way out when assigning blame.

I don’t know what happened here–Solange’s public statement through Instagram doesn’t really tell us anything more than we already know. There was an altercation in which she got violent and Jay Z did not (although, that hasn’t stopped him from bearing the brunt of the blame), and now she’s deleted Beyonce from social media. Does this really give us anymore answers? No, it doesn’t. So until we have any actual information of substance (which we likely won’t ever have), let’s hold off on grabbing up whispers of information and creating a narrative. We just don’t know what happened.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      This is heartbreaking. I have 2 sisters and I hate to be fighting with them for 2 minutes, let alone to the extent of removing them from social media. I like how you acknowledge how sad this situation is, rather than focusing on the “scandal” which society seems to thrive on

    • ScarletRegina

      I agree, this is heartbreaking. I’ve been very sad to see much of the media responding gleefully to what is now a broken family. Friend breakups are one thing, but sister breakups are brutal and often rather soul shattering.

    • Benita

      You can’t decry people speculating on what happened in one sentence while continually posting updates that report on all of the speculation. Don’t act like The Gloss isn’t pumping this story for all it’s worth in order to get page views.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        Reporting that events happened and drawing conclusions based on no real information are two different things.

      • Benita

        Nope. You are still publishing the speculation. If you really were against it, you would either not run stories about the speculation or just publish an essay saying something along the lines of “There is a lot of speculation about what happened but we at The Gloss don’t believe in publishing unsubstantiated stories,”.

        That would be actually walking the walk.

    • Maggie

      There’s been some speculation that Beyonce let the video leak on purpose, because let’s face it, Queen B’s PR team has the power to shut anything down (and I’d be willing to bet has shut down elevator footage in the past), hence why Solange might be taking it so hard and deleting Beyonce from her Instagram. But as you said, doesn’t really offer any answers and just creates more questions! Altogether a very sad affair.