10 Make-Up Techniques That You Can Learn To Do In 5 Minutes Or Less

Applying Liquid Eyeliner CloseupHow many times have you looked at that highlighter or liquid eyeliner and left it unopened because you had no idea how to properly apply it? Have ever put bronzer on and looked like you rolled around dirt? Or are you utterly confused about how to really do a smoky eye? Sometimes beauty products seem like mysterious implements, that house secrets we don’t know how to unlock – like cave people tools, we have some idea what they are, but no clue how to use them properly. When a celebrity does it, it looks cool but when you try the same thing you end up looking like an overgrown contestant on Toddlers & Tiaras.

The secrets are revealed  with these easy make-up techniques that you can do, I promise:

1. Bold brows

Most of us have spent years plucking and waxing our brows into non-existence. Now Cara Delevingne shows up with caterpillar brows and we want them. Go figure. Here’s how to fill in your scrawny eyebrows.

2. Foolproof liner

Liquid liner is many people’s kryptonite. Here’s how to balance a shaky hand and get sharp, symmetrical lines. Bookmark this tip ladies.

3. Fuller lips

If you’re not blessed with the full lips of Angelina Jolie, fret not. A bit of nude lip liner and gloss gives the illusion of luscious lips. A much better idea than Botox.

4. Bronzer

There are plenty of ways to get bronzed skin wrong. Here’s how to apply bronzer the right way. No Oompa Loompa looks here.

5. One Minute smoky eye

Admit it, you still haven’t figured out how to do a smoky eye. This trick is like the Coles Notes of smoky eyes–the same result in less than half the time.

6. Easy liner shapes

Forget drawing a not-so-straight line. Here’s three fun ideas to switch up your liner and the easy tips on how to get a sharp edge. (Hint: no ruler was used)

7. Blush application

You know that the apples of your cheeks are somewhere below your eyes and above your jawline but you just can’t figure out exactly where. Here’s how to find out and what products to use to get supermodel cheekbones.

8. Two-Tone colored eyeshadow

Do you pretend that eyeshadow only comes in brown, taupe and black? See the full color spectrum with this handy-dandy tip that shows you how to use two different shades of purple.

9. Highlighter

Highlighting your eye makes sense, but not such much for your face. Is it the same as blush? What if I don’t have cheekbones? This video answers your questions.

10. Ombre lips

No, you can’t eat or drink with this ombre lip. But it looks so amazing why would you want to ruin it? And it’s easy – no precise lines required.

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    • Samantha Escobar

      #1 always seems so daunting to people, but it really is incredible easy, especially if you take the time to match your shapes.

    • Kay_Sue

      I am so excited by the Bold Brows trend. I hugged my dad and said, Thanks for the eyebrows, not long ago and he was completely confused. I dunno whether that was because I was thanking him for eyebrows or because I had done a complete 180 from cursing them for so many years….

    • Helena B. Stewart

      Wow, I think I can finally trick people into thinking I’m a professional makeup artist with all these tips! I’ve learned so much, especially about lip liner. I thought it was just for, you know, “lining”.