These 10 Celebrities Made Crazy, Bright Hair Colors Look So Cool You Won’t Be Able to Handle It

kelly osbourne's uneven new haircut

Natural hair is for basic bitches. Everyone who is anyone on Instagram is getting their style inspiration from Tumblr girls this season and dying their hair an array of rainbow colors for spring. We are highly in favor of dying our hair weird colors, so we back this trend wholeheartedly.

Check out our favorite celebrities with the best hair colors right now.

1. Rumer Willis’ pink hair

“Jem ain’t got nothin on me #pinkhairdontcare,” Rumer Willis posted alongside her own hot pink hair.


2. Katy Perry’s green hair

Katy Perry’s “slime green hair” may have gotten her in trouble with Lady Gaga, who somehow patented green hair dye, but we think it looks gorgeous anyway.


3. Kylie Jenner’s blue hair

Not too long ago, Kylie’s hair was green. Now it’s blue. Maybe she was afraid of pissing off Lady Gaga.


4. Kelly Osbourne’s lilac hair

Kelly Osbourne is actually a trendsetter. She was one of the first to dye her hair a bright, unnatural lilac, and it looks great, even in a mohawk.


5. Nicole Richie’s lilac hair

Somehow Nicole and Kelly are still BFFs despite Nicole Richie copying Kelly’s hair color. They should start a girl gang like The Pink Ladies and get purple satin jackets.


6. Kristen Stewart’s orange hair 

Kristen Stewart surprised us when she went bright orange a few months ago. Faces of Chanel rarely looks punkish while their campaigns are running. The hair color is for a role, but it looks pretty great on Stewart, anyway.



7. Ireland Baldwin’s blue hair

Ireland Baldwin experimented with purple and blonde, but her pastel blue look is definitely our favorite.


8. Vanessa Hudgens’ hair chalk

Hudgens went for a temporary color at Coachella with some rainbow hair chalk.


9. Chloe Norgaard’s pink hair

Model Chloe Norgaard is famous for her rainbow hair color. She’s had every color, and they all look good on her. Her most recent shade of hot pink is our favorite, though, because she looks just like Jem.


10. Cyndi Lauper’s red hair 

Cyndi Lauper had crazy hair long before most of the people on this list were alive, and she just goes to prove that you are never too old to rock weird-colored hair. Just do it.

This trend is going so strong that even Dita Von Teese is thinking about changing up her signature black hair. Not long ago she posted a close-up of her hair to Instagram and commented about how much lighter the hair had gotten.

“After a hair treatment today my black faded out quite a bit… Might not be as hard as I thought to take it back to a lighter shade, like the bright red I had in ’91. Thoughts? Maybe just for a little while?”

We’re intrigued by the possibility of seeing Dita Von Teese with cherry-colored hair. This might be enough to convince me to open that bottle of Manic Panic that’s been sitting in my bathroom for four years, waiting for me to get up the courage to open it.

(Photos: Instagram, Wenn)

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    • LynnKell

      Can manic panic be used without bleaching your hair? I want to dye some purple streaks in my unprocessed dark brown hair, but i’m afraid I’ll mess up and waste everything :/

      • kelly

        you gotta bleach your hair to get any color to show up! you can put manic panic on your natural hair but it will end up being either invisible or like a tint that you can only see in bright light ya know?

      • LynnKell

        Thank you!! I’m not looking for super bright color, I just want a hint of crazy color. I think I’ll give it a try :)

      • kkkkkkkk

        If you want color to show up without bleach the best thing is just hair chalk. Putting color is unprocessed hair is not going to show up if you have a darker brownish color.

      • ufo queen

        I dye my hair using vampire red without bleaching, and my hair was naturally a light/medium brown. It shows up really attractively, especially if you leave the dye in for a couple of hours.

      • Eisbrecher

        Some shades like Vampire Red, Enchanted Forest, Midnight Blue, Hot Hot Pink and Fuschia Shock (I think) can show on unprocessed hair. I tried Atomic Turquoise on my russet hair and I ended up with some mossy green.
        However, if your hair is too dark, I advice you bleach it.

    • Samantha Escobar

      I can’t grow tired of pastel and bright colors. I really cannot. And I love that Kelly Osbourne’s had hers so long.

    • Michelle

      Kristin Stewart’s hair is not orange.. Manic Panic Tiger Lily is orange… her’s is on the ‘natural’ spectrum of reds.. as natural as you can get from dyed hair though.

      i usually go magenta most of the year, switching out to weird box dye colors when i dont have time for the upkeep.. i love crazy crayon hair!

    • dawnatilla

      ELIZABETH LICATA: so cool we cant handle it??? what are you, retarded?

    • dawnatilla

      people have been dying their hair these colors for DECADES! everyone: get a life

    • kkkkkkkkk

      Funny how this is a thing now what most people where doing this before it was cool. For once the celebrities were slow. I have been dying my hair odd colors for years.