In Case You Need Another Reason To Avoid Tanning Beds, This One Just Caught On Fire

Britney Spears Tanning Salon in West Hollywood

It’s not exactly news that tanning is a risky hobby. There’s undeniable proof that it leads to cancer, it ages your skin at warp speed, and, as we saw in the factual documentary that is Final Destination 3, tanning beds have a tendency to clamp down on your naked body and eat you alive. If you weren’t already convinced to stay away from the salon, though, this real-life horror story might make you change your mind about fake baking.

An Oklahoma City woman was able to make a narrow escape yesterday evening when the tanning bed she was resting in suddenly caught on fire. She somehow managed to avoid getting injured (thank god), but this story is nonetheless horrifying. According to a local news report, “the tanning bed she was in at the time was destroyed by the blaze,” and “the subject inside the tanning bed heard a loud pop noise and saw smoke.” Holy shit. Thankfully, the automatic sprinkler system kicked in at the right time and everyone was able to get out of the building okay.

So what have we learned today, folks? I’ll admit that I’ve dabbled into the dark art of indoor tanning on a few occasions, thinking it would lift my spirits in the winter or clear acne off my body, but I think it’s safe to say that my fear of CATCHING ON FIRE outweighs my desire to lose the bathing suit lines on my shoulders. The threat of future cancer was scary, but thanks to this terrifying story, I am now an officially retired tanner.

Via Daily Mail / Photo: Getty Images

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    • Samantha Escobar

      I remember hearing an urban legend about tanning beds “cooking” a person’s insides. Turns out it was false but now I’m all OR WAS IT? Still, it freaked me out so badly.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      The title of this piece could easily just have been ‘Nightmares Are Real’.

    • Tazeem Jamal Pmdt LE

      This I just beyond words!! As an #Esthetician, I have warned my clients about the dangers of suntanning especially indoor ones, for years . I refer to them as glass coffins, because the dangers are so real !!!
      #sundamage #skincare #faketans