Angelina Jolie’s Transformation Into Maleficent Will Make Your Makeup Routine Seem Like A Breeze

maleficent makeup transformation

As you all know, we’re pretty crazy about anything Maleficent around here–the makeup, her wings, the horns, and Angelina Jolie‘s wild prosthetic cheekbones have become totally obsession worthy. While you probably didn’t think Jolie rolled out of the makeup chair camera ready in twenty minutes, the actual total time it took to get Jolie into Maleficent’s face is pretty gobsmacking–a total of two and a half hours. And I thought getting ready in the morning took too long.

Jolie spoke to E! News and revealed that the two and a half hour transformation, which involved Rick Baker-designed prosthetic cheekbones, nose, and ears, wasn’t particularly pleasant, given that she’s not “the most patient person in the world.” I’m pretty sure that the actual most patient person in the world (The Dalai Lama, maybe?) wouldn’t be too thrilled to sit still for two and a half hours. I had to get up and take a walk just to write this post.

On the upside, Jolie said that the test of her patience helped with her character, “because if [she] was irritated it was great for the character.” I suppose that’s one way to commit to her role, but as the actual least patient person in the world, I’m cringing for her.

I’m someone who complains about my beauty routine fairly regularly because I’m somewhat shrill–it’s not my makeup that takes up too much of my time because I have that down to a six minute routine. For me, it’s my hair. While I recognize the inherent humblebrag nature of saying I have impossibly thick hair, it does mean that blow drying is an hour plus affair. Normally I just give up and throw my hair into some sort of messy top knot. However, when I think about sitting for over two hours having my face and hair prodded at, I’m thankful for that gross top knot.

Photo: Maleficent

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    • Elizabeth Licata

      I’d be pretty happy with a 2.5 hour makeup routine if I were guaranteed to look like Angelina Jolie at the end of it.

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    • Jenni

      How long until people can buy prosthetic cheekbones in the drugstore? I see 2 days after this movie comes out.

    • Heather C

      I always wonder what celebrities do when they are in a makeup chair for hours on end. Sleep, talk to the makeup artist about the kids and Brad?