‘You Did Not Eat That’ Is The Funniest New Instagram You Will Ever See


I do not know a single person who was able to look at the brilliant new Instagram account, You Did Not Eat That, without saying, “Why didn’t I come up with that?!” The mad genius behind this new account deserves a serious standing slow-clap for coming up with the idea behind this hilarious time-waster.

Taking photographs of style bloggers posing with food props and reposting them with clever, snarky captions about how they obviously did not eat that food is the best Instagram idea ever, and I’m devastatingly sorry for not having come up with it myself. But that’s OK, because it’s so funny I have no choice but to forgive myself.

The blog describes its noble mission statement thus:

“Speaking the truth in this mixed up world of too many macarons and ice cream cones. Because really…#youdidnoteatthat”

And it’s true, style bloggers love to photograph themselves with macarons, doughnuts, ice cream cones, In N Out burgers, and artfully decorated cupcakes. But are they really eating those things, or just using them as props and then throwing them away? This blog suggests the latter, and now I can’t help but think that too.

Hilariously, a bunch of style bloggers have come forward to defend themselves, insisting that they did indeed eat the things in their pictures. PS I Made This and Paris in Four Months both insisted that they did eat their cupcakes and macarons, while our beloved Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, did them one better and submitted video proof of her eating a cupcake.

youdidnoteatthat13 youdidnoteatthat1youdidnoteatthat12

There’s a reason everyone loves that woman so much.

The one thing that really starts to stand out when these pictures are brought together, though, is how many people are intentionally posing with Magnum Mini ice cream bars. You Did Not Eat That noticed the trend, and then became increasingly bewildered by it.

“Are @magnum the new donut? @kyleeditor seems to think so. Fashion trends are so fleeting. But one trend stays strong #youdidnoteatthat”

“Verdict is in. @magnum is absolutely conducting a fashion ambassador program. WHY??? This makes no sense!!!”

There is an ice cream fashion blogger conspiracy! Or, rather, Magnum just paid a bunch of bloggers to eat ice cream. I can’t hate on it; I’ve been trying my whole life to turn my ice-cream-eating skills into a viable career opportunity.

(Photos: Instagram/Youdidnoteatthat)


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    • Benita

      This site is policing what these women say they are eating….in other words SHAMING THEM. I’m really disappointed that The Gloss would be ok with this, as a feminist site you shouldn’t be applauding this woman for ripping other women down when she has no real proof that the food has or has not been eaten and even if it isn’t eaten….she’s not doing to this men. It’s sexist. More proof that there is no editorial consistency here.

      A much better take on this bitchy site is here: http://skepchick.org/2014/05/seriously-stop-telling-women-how-to-act-in-public/

      • Sneha

        Benita, I completely agree. I’m not sure why The Gloss (a website that identifies as feminist) is promoting an Instagram account that shames women based on their eating habits.

      • Celia

        I agree with you. The Gloss is ridiculous, and if they want to be snarky and trash women its acceptable, but god forbid anyone else do something they see as anti-feminist.

      • I Like Pizza

        I agree with you and find it interesting that this article so carefully skirts around the issue of body/food policing.

      • Mila Mihailovic

        This instagram is more about shaming women for implying the food in the photos has been eaten by them, then shaming them for eating certain food.
        Food is a touchy subject though…

      • Benita

        It’s shaming them for being women who dare to photograph food that they may or may not eat….which is sexist and demeaning to those women. It’s also petty and catty and for a so called feminist site that’s supposed to be all about body positivity and female agency, it’s an unworthy site to highlight in a positive manner.

      • Alizaye Manigo

        Exactly. I find the account ridiculous on many accounts. You can’t shame people (and all of these people are women, making it quite sexist) for taking photos of food that you assume they don’t eat. You have no proof that these women do not eat the food items that they capture in pictures. How people take joy in this account, I do not know.

    • Celia

      This website is ridiculously hypocritical on a consistent basis. Why are you supporting snarky comments that claim people aren’t eating the food they show? Why is there any reason to doubt the fashion bloggers are eating those foods?

      • Courtney

        I’m also more than a little disappointed that the author of this article (or someone else who manages The Gloss) hasn’t commented back. They’re the first ones to make people feel dumb for posting a contradictory opinion on the most inane articles, yet when it comes to owning up to their mistakes the mentality is just to ignore this and hope it goes away.

        Or a mod will just comment on how wildly hot Magnum ice cream is. Yes, that’s the most productive way to deal with this article.

      • elle

        Yeah right, they never respond to legitimate critiques. Very frustrating.

      • Celia

        They never respond to legitimate critique, instead they like to feel, incorrectly, far superior to their commenters. Honestly their writers wouldn’t be able to make it in other publications, and their articles are often riddled with mistakes, spelling or otherwise. Don’t hold your breath on a response to this article, even though if they were legitimate, serious writers they would be able to own up to their opinions and respond to those opposing them.

    • Samantha Escobar

      No joke, Magnum ice cream is wildly hot right now, as stupid as that sounds. Their party was insane at Cannes.

    • mouse

      This is so incredibly shitty. A lot of these captions are along the lines of “This woman can’t possibly have eaten this food item, she is far too thin to ever actually consume calories.” How is this not creepy body shaming? I’m really shocked that the Gloss would feature this in such a complimentary way.

    • sarahindecisive

      I can’t remember how he is, but Karl Lagerfeld is affiliated with Magnum, which is why it’s so “fashionable.”

    • Jade

      I can’t believe The Gloss has actually spoken positively about an Instagram account that seems to exist solely for the purpose of trolling and shaming young women about what they do and don’t eat.