Amanda Seyfried’s Throwback Photo Is The Cutest Birthday Shout-Out Ever

The New York premiere of 'Epic' held at the Ziegfeld Theatre - ArrivalsIf you thought that things couldn’t get any cuter than cherubic Prince George topping the best-dressed baby list¬†(probably the highest honor for an infant)¬†or Quvenzhan√© Wallis’s¬†adorable¬†Armani¬†ad, Amanda Seyfried‘s throwback photo¬†has just knocked those two off the podium. Take a look at this picture she posted on Instagram for boyfriend Justin Long‘s birthday captioned “Happy Birthday, J #itsyourbirthdaytoday”¬†and try not to let your heart melt from the sweetness:

I love Amanda Seyfried.¬†The girl¬†knows how to keep it real.¬†In a world of fake, media-trained celebrities, she’s¬†refreshingly honest, played an airhead in Mean Girls¬†but actually isn’t one¬†and she got away with having Mingey as her Instagram handle¬†(apparently they were too busy cropping¬†people’s butts to notice).¬†I also¬†can’t get enough of¬†dorky but totally adorable pictures of celebrities before they were famous.¬†Combine the two, and you’re in for something as good¬†as a cat doing yoga video.

Let’s just talk about the picture for a second.¬†She¬†willingly posted this for her boyfriend’a birthday.¬†A lot of girls¬†don’t want to admit to their boyfriends, that the female species isn’t 100%¬†perfect,¬†so they¬†go to¬†great lengths (see: burying the photographic evidence)¬†to keep up this ridiculous¬†air of mystery.¬†Amanda isn’t afraid to show she can be a bit dorky‚Äďin the cutest possible way. She didn’t post it as a #throwbackthursday look-what-I looked-like, now-look-at-me photo, she uploaded it because it’s way better than a generic birthday card you paid $7 for.

In the retro photo, she looks like a 1950s housewife,¬†complete¬†with immaculate shiny red lipstick and one missing tooth. (Something about the¬†the way¬†the lipstick¬†is applied and how she doesn’t have any on her remaining teeth, makes me think this wasn’t her first crack at¬†a red lip,¬†despite probably being six) The whole thing makes me love her more, and I’m sure¬†it will make Justin love her that much more too. Hugs all around.

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    • Samantha Escobar

      Oh my god she’s so cute it’s ridiculous.

    • Edi

      I am a big fan of The Gloss, for real. That being said, you folks are getting way out of control with the typos lately. “Boyfriend’a”? Really?