19 And Counting Wonderful Wavy Hairstyles From The Duggars

Duggar Girls HairOf all the guilty pleasures on TLC–of which there are many–one of the most compelling is 19 Kids and Counting. You might think the fascination lies in that fact that family needs a bus (not a mini one, but a proper school-sized bus) to transport their entire family around, but it is actually their hair that keeps my eyes glued to the screen–in addition to making mental notes to buy a new curling iron. While I wouldn’t want to take their relationship advice, I would definitely take any tips on how to get curls that are as glorious as the clouds of Heaven.  (What is the secret, is it prayer? Is it chastity? please tell me!) After watching the finale last night (please tell me you watched it) I was inspired to create a tribute to the hair that has clearly been blessed by the hands of God.

Here are some of the Duggar girls best wavy hairstyles–how about 19 of them:

1. Duggar Girls Curly Hair

Duggar #throwbackthursday. I wonder how many curling irons they go through in a year?

2. Jessa Side Pony

Jessa trying out a side pony. Get your hand off of it Ben!

3. Derick and Jill Duggar

How is her hair not frizzing with the touch of each falling snow flake? What magical serum is she using? (Is it the same one that requires them not to wear jackets in winter?)

4.  Joy and Jana Straight Hair

Looks like the younger generation traded in the curling iron for a straighter. Way to try new things, Joy and Jana.

5. Duggar Girls Hair 1During their scrunch-with-mousse phrase.

6. Jill Duggar Hair

Jill Duggar trying out a more formal style for a wedding–not her own, yet!

7. Duggar Michelle Extreme Makeover Hair

Michelle briefly ditched the poodle curls for her 46th birthday.

8. Jessa and Ben Duggar Instagram

Jessa’s hair is only further enhanced by an Instagram filter. (Yes, the Duggars have an account.)

9. Jana and Josie DuggarJana and Josie showing that good hair is all down to genes.

10. Duggar Girls Group HairSomebody seriously needs to sign this family for a shampoo endorsement. Stat.

11. Baby Josie DuggarLook at Baby Josie. Just look at her. My heart bursts.

12. Jill Derick DuggarWould it be wrong to crop Derick out of the picture, so I could only focus on Jill’s cascading waves? I thought so, but I still want to do it.

13. Grandma DuggarGirls you have Grandma Duggar to thank for your stunning hair.

14. Duggars Pickles

Could they have revealed the secret to their beautiful hair with this picture? Could the humble pickle be the miracle product? Somehow I think not.

15. Littlest Duggars

Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie giving the older ones some competition. Love the hair accessories.

16.Duggar Hair SelfieA Duggar selfie full of luscious locks. I am blinded by the shiniess.

17. Jana Jill and Joy Duggar

My split ends are curling up in shame.

18. Jill and Jessa Duggar

Jill switched it up and went for a braid and I like it. Jessa’s flat-ironed hair looks nice too.


My prayers have been answered. They even have a hair tutorial on how to get their perfect waves.

Photos: Duggar Family Blog, Instagram


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    • Jenni

      Can everyone take a second to look at the video background. Is that a giant bed? Do they make their kids share beds? If so, that means you literally never have any personal space.

      • itpainsme2say

        No the four older girls have queen sized beds but all nine do share a room

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      • Sexlovesounds

        TELL ME MORE!

      • Sav

        Giant bed? Are you kidding me? It looks like a bunk bed with twin size mattresses and a slide and ladder on the side. I re-watched the video thinking how could I miss a giant bed. It’s not giant. That’s the size bed I had in my tiny dorm room. Haven’t you ever seen a king size bed?

    • emilykwells2188

      My opinion about the Duggar family aside, they really are a beautiful group of girls! #hairenvy

    • shoey

      I remember an episode from the first season where they said they all permed their hair because that’s they way their dad preferred it. Icky.

    • Hanna

      I don’t get how they deal with the humidity. I just moved to Arkansas and the humidity so far has been unreal. This is coming from someone who has lived all around the damn humid south. My hair cannot deal. I would like to point out their teeth. I have never noticed their perfect teeth until this article, because I, too, could only focus on their hair. #duggarhairteethnailenvy

    • D Marie

      I just love this family. All are beauties. Well behaved & love & respect one another.

    • Nerdy Lucy

      I keep hearing Zoolander’s voice in my head saying “really, really good looking.”

    • Erika Allen

      How do they always wear it down? I have long hair and by the middle of the day, there is an actual dred forming at the nape of my neck. My hair is just so ratty no matter how much I condition, trim, and buy expensive tangle teasers.

    • Psych Student

      They have insanely nice teeth also. I already know that my kids will be screwed on the teeth. Braces *will* be needed.