Demi Lovato Names Her Style Icon, And We’re Wearing Sneakers In Support Of Her Surprising Choice

demi-lovato-purple-hair We didn’t see this coming. When asked about her style inspiration, Demi Lovato told E! Online that Kristen Stewart is her style muse. I hope that means we can expect to see more big pants, embellished jumpsuits, and red carpet sneakers in Lovato’s future.

Truly, Lovato could do far worse as style icons go. Kristen Stewart has been killing it on the red carpet lately, from her shimmery Chanel jumpsuit at Cannes to her shiny orange hair. Her consistent DNGAF expression and unconventional fashion choices give her a “cool girl” vibe even Jennifer Lawrence could only hope to emulate. When it comes to fashion choices, she tends to reach farther outside the conventionally pretty, Old Hollywood glamour box than any other young celebrity.


And lately her status as the face of Chanel has been treating her well. While she had some awkward missteps at the beginning (namely some giant pumpkin pants) lately she’s been on her A-game. That’s why many of us would particularly like to see Kristen Stewart stop acting entirely and just devote herself to killing it on the red carpet.

kristen stewart

Aside from a love of wild, colorful hair, Lovato and Stewart don’t seem to have a ton in common on the red carpet, though. But with any luck, this means Lovato will start rocking some heavily embellished jumpsuits at formal events, because I’m always excited to see a young star choosing the weird stuff the way K-Stew does, instead of just borrowing pretty pretty, princess gowns all the time.

And as for Kristen Stewart, anybody who would wear red carpet sneakers deserves to be a style muse, if for no other reason than that she’d be a much more comfortable style inspiration than high-heel lovers like Anna Dello Russo or Dita Von Teese.

(Photos: Wenn, Getty)

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    • Samantha Escobar

      I love that she said somebody who (A) gets tons of shit for how she looks on the red carpet–and I don’t just mean fashion wise, I mean people hate her face and facial expressions and everything else–and (B) is alive today. For the most part, Demi Lovato seems like she genuinely does enjoy empowering other female celebs and non-celebs around her. I dig it.

      • lynn

        I think Kristen is awesome. Demi has always singled her out as one of her favourite celebrities.

    • Athena

      I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence would want to emulate anyone because Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t need to, period.

      • K

        Jennifer has AWFUL style. She has access to any designer and first dibs on Dior and 8/10 she will look awkward, a design that makes her look like a transvestite or too old for her age.

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