Raven Symone Returns From Obscurity With The World’s Best Rainbow Colored Hair


You guys, this is definitely going to be the best summer ever! Every young celebrity is dyeing her hair a crazy color, and it’s just as though we lived in Rainbow Brite. (Or The Hunger Games, but in the Capitol with all the pretty fashiony people in wild clothes, not out in Katniss’ lame dust bowl district where everything is is all sad and Grapes of Wrath-looking.) The bright hair color trend is definitely the best summer trend ever. It’s even better than the visible nipple trend, which is also going strong right now.

Raven Symone is something of a latecomer to the bright hair trend, but it doesn’t matter because she just blew everyone else out of the water with her new selfie showing off a sleek bob dyed purple and gray with rainbow accents.

“My last Friday in la before I start my life as an #oncampus student! New hair for a new life! #hellyea,” Symone captioned the picture.

How perfect is this color? She looks like a My Little Pony, and I mean that as the best of all compliments. The cut is gorgeous, too. I love the sleek bob and the cool way it wraps around her face along the bottom.

@a_nicholle thanks for a bomb color and cut! A few tracks don’t hurt, ain’t to many tho! Loving my washy purp and grey! Here I come San Fran!”

I suspect a lot more people in San Francisco are going to start rocking rainbow purple and gray hair after they see Symone walking down the street looking that cool.

It’s still early in the summer, so another celebrity could still make a valiant push for best celebrity hair color of 2014. But right now, Symone is definitely in the lead.

(Photos: Getty, Instagram/RavenSymonecp)

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