Mila Kunis’ Baby Bump Deserves Way Better Maternity Wear Than What She Wore Last Night

Mila Kunis' Baby Bump Deserves Way Better Maternity Wear Than What She Wore Last Night

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ever since the world found out back in March that Mila Kunis and Kelso Ashton Kutcher are having a baby, it has been at least mildly transfixed on her, ahem, “baby bump.” Now, while I think Mila looks gorgeous and glowing and all the things you would expect one of the most naturally attractive people in entertainment would look whilst there is a fetus growing inside her. But what of her pregnant fashion sense? Of all the people I assumed would have the most killer maternity style, Mila Kunis was definitely in the top 10, so I was disappointed when she took herself out of the running last night with this sad sack of black satin.

Mila appeared at the premiere of Third Person, the new movie she’s in from director Paul Haggis that also stars Olivia WildeLiam NeesonJames FrancoAdrien Brody and Kim Basinger. For the premiere, which took place at Hollywood’s Linwood Dunn Theater Pickford Center, Mila picked a billowy dress made of black satin that resembled a slightly higher-fashion version of Missy Elliott‘s black garbage bag outfit from the music video for “The Rain.”

She doesn’t look bad, of course; it’s Mila Kunis, for goodness’ sake. Her hair is stunning and shiny, her eyes are bright, her skin is exactly why everybody insists pregnant women are “radiant.” And her makeup is lovely! Obviously, she is a stunningly attractive human being:

Mila Kunis' Baby Bump Deserves Way Better Maternity Wear Than What She Wore Last Night

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

That said, this dress is terrible and whether a pregnant or non-pregnant person were wearing it, it would still be terrible. Of course, we all have our off days–even famous hot ladies. While she’s by no means obligated to run around in tight or racy clothes that “frame” her stomach, perhaps she could hang out with Lake Bell‘s stylist for a few days and perhaps pick up some solid lessons for red carpet maternity wear.

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    • Jen Pires

      I agree! I saw a few other articles praising how amazing it was and im like huh??

    • DebMoore

      Still better than what Kim Kar………..(however you spell her last name) wore during her pregnancy!

    • AdalineBrashier

      Mila Kunis is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful during the showing a Baby Bump in the show.

    • Savannah

      She looks super cute. Since a “sad sack” is about the old way to not hug a baby bump in trends today (other than maybe an empire waist, but that;s over done). Some women just aren’t comfy in something figure hugging while pregnant.

    • MCR

      Sorry, but I think this is unreasonable. You allow that her hair and makeup look great. She’s wearing high heels in advanced pregnancy, even though it’s probably a bit of a burden. And the dress is certainly stylish by maternity wear standards. She could wear a more form-fitting dress that makes the belly visible, but whenever a celebrity does that, she gets nasty cracks from fashion people who think the pregnant belly is gross and should be shrouded, like Mila does here. She can billow and be called dowdy, or do form-fitting and be called gross. (And maybe she just doesn’t like showing “the bump” – some women feel that way, and it’s a personal choice.) Considering the narrow parameters allowed a pregnant celebrity, the dress is at least acceptable, and certainly a long way from “terrible.”