Long-Sleeve Bathing Suits Are Perfect For Pale Chicks Who Hate Wearing SPF 100 And Actual Swimwear

Long-Sleeve Bathing Suits Offer The Perfect Solution For Women Who Hate Comfort And Sunshine

Everyone deserves to have a bathing suit they love. Feeling truly awesome is harder when you don’t have a swimsuit you’re really into–except when you’re wearing a long-sleeve bathing suit, because seriously, unless it’s a wetsuit, what is the point of these? I bring this up, by the way, in light of The Daily Mail noticing an alarming rate of growth in the long-sleeve swimsuit market among stores ranging from ShopBop to ASOS to Urban Outfitters (the leading provider of expensive discomfort)

Long-sleeve one-pieces are awful in nearly every way. As I have mentioned before, I absolutely hate tankinis. However, in the comments on my post about why plus-size women should wear bikinis, a commenter pointed out that tankinis offer the same coverage and look of a one-piece, but without the bathroom-related inconvenience of a one-piece. In the case of long-sleeve swimsuits, they are even more difficult to take off whenever you need to pee. I do not know how frequently that is for you as an individual, but I would assume it is at least once per day and much, much more often when you are drinking margaritas at your friend’s pool party.

Also, is it just me, or are the majority of the ones online pretty expensive? (Relatively speaking, of course. I’m the kind of person who thinks it’s a massive splurge to get a $68 bathing suit, so take that with a grain of salt.)

Comfort-wise, the long-sleeve swimsuit is not a frontrunner in the race for the most relaxing beachwear. Let’s say you’re at the beach. You get wet, then decide to get out and head to a nearby restaurant with your friends. You could just put on a beach coverup, but no! You don’t need it, you already have long-sleeves–you’re good, right? Except then those sleeves are still totally wet, just like the rest of your bathing suit from crotch to sternum and down to your wrists. Fun! The more fabric, the slower it dries; the more wet fabric your body is covered in, the more itchy you’re going to be whilst hanging out, enjoying the sun (or not, because you’ve chosen to conceal the majority of your body from it anyway).

But what about wetsuits? you wonder, aren’t those all long-sleeve and actually keep you drier? Yes! Indeed they do, because they’re made of specialized materials that are tested and proven to keep wearers dry for sports like surfing, waterskiing, and scuba diving. Patagonia‘s Women’s R1 Long-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit ($189) is made “with high-quality neoprene and a lightweight, fast-drying 50% recycled polyester lining,” and features an array of structural qualities that are intended to increase its performance abilities for the wearer. The ModCloth Best for Splash One-Piece Swimsuit ($130) and ShopBop Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit ($190) are both made with 80% nylon and 20% Spandex, so it’s almost exactly like wearing an American Apparel Nylon Tricot Long-Sleeve Bodysuit ($40) but into the water–and in the hot, hot heat. All day long. Ugh.

If you truly think that a long-sleeve swimsuit is for you, then by all means, go for it! After all, you do deserve to feel great in your bathing suit (and all the time, in all your clothes). But please, if you do opt for one, let me know if it is as terrible as I think it is.

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    • Trixie

      It may not be for you, but there is a huge segment of the population that would be delighted about this swimsuit design, regardless of your untested ideas about its practicality or lack thereof. I know folks who have skin difficulties such as psoriasis or eczema, scars etc. or simply many folks who are uncomfortable with the way their arms look for a whole variety of reasons. It is worth noting that there are a variety of bodies and experiences out there and the more designers are creating multiple options the more people that can be included in an arena (the fashion world) that doesn’t have a great history of inclusion. I would have loved this as a self-conscious teen with keloid scars on my back, but I didn’t have this choice available to me. I think we should celebrate a diversity of options for a variety of bodies! :) Options are amazing! Inclusion rocks!

      • Alicia715

        I thought it was a pretty good idea too. My reason is just that I burn horribly. (Example: 8 hours in sun canoeing, I applied SPF 100 every hour and still blistered.)

      • Samantha Escobar

        Options are amazing! But part of having options means I don’t have to like all of them. But it is great that you do! Opinions are always a good thing.

    • http://www.geekosystem.com/ Victoria McNally

      This trend would have been really useful about six months ago when I had 48 hours to buy a suit to scuba dive in and could only find bikinis and backless one-pieces.

    • Rene

      If they have a built in bra, I am stoked! I currently wear a bikini top with a long sleeve swim top. I’m fair skinned and allergic to most sunscreens. I don’t think I would do a one-piece though – hate the bathroom inconvenience. They also don’t stay as wet as you think. On a hot dry day, it would be completely dry in ten minutes.

      • Ellen W.

        Oh my yes- the allergy thing. Now that most sunscreens are PABA-free people forget they’re still chock-full of interesting ingredients that are easy to react to.

    • Wyette Urp

      Re: Difficulty peeing

      Just pull the crotch to the side and pee. It’s only two inces of fabric that need to moved out of the way. People actually pull down their swimsuits to pee? That seems impractical and unnecessary.

      • I Like Pizza

        I learned this when I was on swim team and it CHANGED MY LYFE.

      • Wyette Urp

        Ditto. No time for pulling everything on and off between heats!

    • Ellen W.

      So they really look like ’80s-era Olympic gymnastic leotards to me.

      I would love this if they were a little longer in the thigh. But that’s why, when I swim I wear a T-shirt, a cheap sports bra and board shorts.

      • Samantha Escobar

        The Patagonia wetsuit I linked to actually has a really cool length! It hits right at the top of the thighs. I used to wear a t-shirt and shorts in the pool buuuut the drying problem was still an issue, so I’d always have to change. Sigh.

    • Jolene 졸린 McConnell

      I’ve gotten sunburned on a rainy day while using an umbrella and wearing SPF 90; this looks awesome to me. I’ve been tempted to buy a Muslim-style swimsuit for this reason. That said, these are kind of hideous, so there is that.

    • http://www.shop-salamander.com/ Alena Karakova

      I just dont believe that this covering do nothing to your skin health:/ why nobody speaks about the fabric when I was told since childhood do not wear wet swimsuit for long time… And imagine under the sun, all covered in something that doesn’t let your skin breath, no… I’d rather put sun block on and wear as less as possible smth I know is good quality. I like http://www.shop-salamander.com/ for that sells stuff of great quality and yet affordable.

    • Maison du Maillot

      Great article. We sell these on our online boutique for this exact reason! http://www.maisonmaillot.com/designers/mara-hoffman/cosmic-fountain-print-rash-vest-587.html

    • TomokoHowse

      Girls are looking so fit and sexy in swim suit.

    • Holly

      I think they’re pretty cute. I have gross, flabby arms that are the whitest of all of the white things and I would feel pretty secure in one of these. They do look very gymansticsy though.

    • Lensa

      There are so few swimsuit styles that provide coverage to the upper back and shoulder area, although this type of swimwear does provide coverage to these areas, some people including me find that it might be a bit too much coverage than needed, check out http://www.kennaswims.com for alternatives.