Of Course The Teenager Who Looks Exactly Like Elsa From Frozen Is From Florida

There Is A Teenager In Florida Who Looks Exactly Like Elsa From 'Frozen'

Ever wonder what an animated queen might look like IRL? Well, meet Anna Faith, the teen girl who is a dead ringer for Elsa from Frozen.

You know how every so often, somebody tells you that you look “exactly” like a friend of theirs or perhaps even somebody on television? For example, I had blue hair once upon a time and am very pale, so for years, I got Clementine from Eternal Sunshine. However, most of these “you look JUST like” observations are mild and often a stretch, at best. The doppleganger power of Anna, who has been making the news and powering her career lately as an Elsa lookalike. Naturally, she is doing so in the most humid–and random–state of all: Florida.

The real-life 18-year-old Queen of Arendelle is working as an Elsa impersonator–you can even hire her to show up at parties in her full costume. Oh, and did I mention that she even brings along her friend Brittany Lee who plays Anna?

There Is A Teenager In Florida Who Looks Exactly Like Elsa From 'Frozen'

Seriously, this is probably the cutest BFF activity I have ever seen two people doing, particularly in high school. (Man, when I was in high school, I’m pretty sure my best friends and I just played video games and refreshed MySpace.) Perhaps one day they will call up the Ryan Gosling lookalike and we can all see some hilarious Drive/Frozen crossover where Los Angeles is covered in ice and the only way we can be saved is by a rugged jawline and semi-New York accent.

Anyway, not satisfied with simply playing Elsa at parties, it sounds like Anna has got some big plans on the horizon for harnessing her lookalike power. Her most recent Instagram photo reads:

I know this is kinda a lot to ask, but it would mean the world to me. Can you take a photo from my page dressed as Elsa, post it and hashtag the words #AnnaAsElsa ? I’m hoping to audition as Elsa on Once Upon a Time! You can do it on Instagram and/ or twitter :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

So, who knows? Maybe we will soon see the age when Instagram stars can actually make the transition into being real television stars! That would actually be really cool to see her up with actresses like Jennifer Morrison–and intelligent on the part of the producers, I think, given that it would open its show up to a younger market and a built-in fan base.

There Is A Teenager In Florida Who Looks Exactly Like Elsa From 'Frozen'

If you would like to support Anna Faith’s journey, follow her on Twitter or Instagram!

Photos: Anna Faith’s Instagram

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    • shoey

      I’m sorry Gloss, but why is this news? Some random teenager actress wannabe in Florida is blonde and wears a lot of makeup…? I miss your snark- where did it go the past week?

      • Benita

        It left with the old crew of writers. This is bottom of the barrel “news”. Any white girl with long hair (or a decent weave) could look like Elsa, she’s a computer animated character with no distinctive features beyond her big eyes.

        As if a network tv show would give her a major role on a primetime show…the entitlement is huge with this one.

      • Holly

        She’s a kid. A kid who has found something she enjoys and feels that she’s good at and wants to further that if possible. I’m not seeing the problem. I think it’s adorable.

      • Benita

        The problem is that this site has gone downhill in terms of content in the past few months. What this girl and her friend do is besides the point although I maintain that her asking her followers to get her on a television show is Entitlement 101.

    • Elizabeth

      “Seriously, this is probably the cutest BFF activity I have ever seen two people doing, particularly in high school.”

      One of my good friends and I actually did this in high school! We worked for a costume company — we dressed up and did children’s parties.

      Now, she’s employed by Disney for the same purpose, so clearly one of us was a bit better at it. :)

    • ugh

      She looks nothing like Elsa. And I agree with shoey

    • Holly

      How is it possible to be so negative about a cute kid dressing up as a cartoon princess with her best friend and asking for help furthering her career? Obviously, this is for the Negative Nancys in the comments and not the article itself.

    • Johnstone

      While I see absolutely nothing wrong with this kid dressing up as Elsa and making money / fame / whatever off it, I do get tired of the “this person is a dead ringer for Elsa” articles. There seem to be a lot of them (not just on Crushable). Like Benita said, any blonde girl with access to mascara can look like Elsa. I actually think Brittany Lee looks more like Anna than Anna Faith looks like Elsa. Anna is more distinctive facially – as far as a Disney animated character can be, anyway.

    • KarenMS

      I really could not be more envious of her eyes!

    • Jennifer

      Not seeing it at all….

    • jess

      There’s nothing wrong with her having fun, but as a few people have pointed out, any cute girl with long blonde hair, blue contacts, and a lot of makeup can look “exactly” like Elsa.

    • Jenny

      Any blonde girl with the right makeup and hairdo and the exact outfit will make an Elsa or Rapunzel or Belle or even Snow White for that matter. But for a teenage girl and having some fun, it’s worth the try. Soon, we will have many more life Disney characters walking the face of the Earth

    • Peace

      People are heartless and rude – go get it girl! Use the money to educate and make the world better

    • Gwen

      I don’t see the big deal. I look like a beardless hagrid on a bad hair day…

    • ∫BIackHeadphones∫

      Lol I really hate people that think they are special and they’re from frozen -.-”

    • Corissa

      I have been told I look just like Elsa also by countless people at my retail job.