3-Year-Old Asked To Leave Restaurant Because Some Awful Adults Couldn’t Deal With Her ‘Scary’ Scars

victoria-wilcher-kfc-attackAdults of the world have got to learn that if they can’t look at a small child and smile at its adorable innocence, they should just butt the hell out completely. A small child’s appearance is in no way the business of strange adults, whether one is talking about Blue Ivy‘s hair sparking an Internet petition from concerned busybodies or the much worse case of a 3-year-old girl who was allegedly asked to leave a restaurant this week because scars on her face were bothering other customers.

According to Buzzfeed, 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher was mauled by three pit bulls just a few months ago. The attack left her seriously injured, with a broken upper and lower jaw, nose, cheekbone, and eye socket. She lost one eye in the attack, and one side of her face is paralyzed. Since the attack she has gone through multiple surgeries, and there are more in her future. Her story is awful and one would expect people around her to react with sympathy, but Wilcher’s grandmother recently said on the VIctoria’s Victories Facebook page that they were recently asked to leave a local KFC because Victoria’s scars were too disturbing to other diners.

“I ordered a large sweet tea and her some mashed potatoes and gravy because she was hungry. She was on a feeding tube at the time, but I figured she could just swallow [the potatoes],” said Wilcher’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins. “They said, ‘We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers.’ [Victoria] understood exactly what they said.”

This poor girl has definitely been through enough. She should not be worrying about her appearance or hearing adults say that they are afraid of her. It should be inconceivable that any person would look at a little girl who had obviously sustained serious injuries and think it was OK to complain that her looks were disrupting their enjoyment of fried chicken.

KFC at least seems to agree that the story is appalling and unacceptable. Company spokesperson Rick Maynard issued a statement saying that the company was investigating the alleged incident to uncover what happened and who was responsible.

“We take this very seriously, as we have zero tolerance for any kind of hurtful or disrespectful actions toward our guests. Our investigation is ongoing, but we have been in touch with the family and are committed to doing something appropriate for this beautiful little girl and her family.”

(Photo: Facebook/Victoria’s Victories)

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Ugh. My heart.

    • http://twitter.com/ElyneS Elyne

      Disgusting, that poor girl. She first has to go trough hell and again because her looks are” disturbing”? Some people are just plain idiots.

    • John Sith

      I don’t know what the hell those customers or KFC are talking about. The little girl in the above picture is beautiful.

    • LisaDisqus

      I had some very bad scars on my face when I was her age. I was also mauled. Dr.s thought I would need extensive plastic surgery but, I never did. It is amazing how a child’s body can heal. My scars are barely noticeable now. I’ve known people for months when they will suddenly catch me in the right light and go “oh, I never noticed that.” So If her Mom and Dad maybe see this. Have hope that your baby girl may not have to deal with dicks like this her whole life. Love to the little one. You’ll make it sweetie.

    • Alicia715

      I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting her to look like, but this definitely was not it. She has some scarring yes, but I’ve seen much worse. (For instance, my father burned his arm while working in a paper factory. It’s the worst scar I’ve ever seen.) I can’t believe people. WTF is wrong with them? She is a gorgeous little girl.

    • http://scallywagandvagabond.com/ scallywag

      How redeeming that KFC has stepped up to the plate and come to accept culpability and responsibility for the transgression- now offering $30K towards Victoria’s medical upkeep.

      But it should have never come to this in the first place (and a lot has to do with public relations damage control) as human beings customers should never have to come to expect that being treated with respect, irrespective of gender, appearances, religion, sexual orientation race should only then inform said outlet whether the customer is afforded respect and courtesy and human decency. It is not a leisure right but a right- and yet how did we arrive at such a point in the first place ?


    • Guest

      This story is so disturbing. Not only were the customers wrong for not just politely looking away but what is wrong with the server that they didn’t even speak to the grandmother privately? People talk about children when they’re in the room all the time, it really bothers me. My sister-in-law used to complain about her daughter’s curly hair right in front of her. Hmm, can we not give her a complex before she’s in elementary school and let her hate her curly hair as a teenager like the rest of us curly girls did? (I always pipe up and tell her I love her hair.)This story is much more egregious, of course. Babies don’t understand what you’re saying. But toddlers do, let alone three year olds.

    • Jordan Dove

      (via Dr. Frank L. Stile)

      Victoria & Family,

      I was deeply moved this morning by hearing the news of Victoria’s tragic
      incidents. This really hit home for me, and I was so affected by what
      occurred to Victoria, that I wanted to personally reach out and offer my
      help in any way possible.

      name is Frank Stile; I am the founder of The Frank L. Stile Foundation.
      This non-profit was started approximately three years ago to serve the
      needs of children in crisis–like Victoria. The goal of my foundation is
      to provide support for children that are victims of unfortunate

      I am also a Board Certified Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgeon.
      Coincidentally, I did my Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training at
      the University of Mississippi. My experience with children allows me to
      know too well of how difficult these events have been and will be for
      Victoria in the future.

      Growing up with the physical and emotional reminders of this traumatic event
      will be challenging. Because of this, I wish to offer my help to
      Victoria and her family. My Foundation will work out sponsorship to help
      defray the costs of her care. I am also offering you my professional
      services as a plastic surgeon to assist with any future procedures as
      she grows up.

      I know this will not erase the memories of the horrific experiences
      Victoria has had to endure, but we can at least hope to make her future
      care more pleasant while trying to restore her back to a beautiful
      well-adjusted little girl.

      Please contact me directly by calling
      my Las Vegas practice at (702) 243-9555 if there is any questions I can
      answer of how I can help Victoria in any way possible.

      Warmest Regards,

      Frank L. Stile, MD, FACS

      The Frank L. Stile Foundation
      8954 Spanish Ridge Avenue
      Las Vegas, NV 89148

      (702) 243-9555