You Won’t Recognize Kaley Cuoco In These Photos From The 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards

You Won't Recognize Kaley Cuoco In These Photos From The 2014 Critics' Choice Awards

While I am a moderately vocal opponent of The Big Bang Theory, I would still recognize the majority of its now-very famous stars. However, this was not the case last night when I spotted Kaley Cuoco on the 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet. In fact, I had to do a double take and a name check to make sure it was her and not, say, Kate Gosselin.

For the awards show’s red carpet, the actress wore an Amen Fall 2014 pinstripe harem short suit, which is kind of horrible. For a woman who chose one of our all-time favorite wedding dresses (it was pink!), we expected more. The shorts are baggy and ill-fitting, the top is clinging for dear life on her chest, the jacket isn’t tailored to fit nor does it look like an intentionally poor fit; overall, it’s a downgrade. Perhaps she should have just worn Ryan Sweeting‘s tattooed arm to the show. However, it’s her hair that really confused me; it was just so different than her normal lovely look:

You Won't Recognize Kaley Cuoco In These Photos From The 2014 Critics' Choice Awards

I’m all about short hair, in general. A while back, I ranked the best celebrity short haircuts because I think so many of them have been done so well, and that us normals should not be afraid to try a cool pixie or asymmetrical crop, either. I even liked Jennifer Lawrence‘s haircut last year when everybody was calling it ugly and matronly. However, in Kaley’s case, hers wound up being styled in a boring, flat manner that appears as though her bangs are pasted to her head–not a great look for anybody. It’s not as greasy-looking as Kate Mara‘s was last week, but it is still not great.

We have actually been pretty excited about Kaley’s hair around here as of late. From her fake bob to her real bob all the way to her recent short cut, it’s been fun to watch the actress’ locks wane as the weather gets hotter. She’s a stunningly attractive woman with a fun fashion sense and great beauty instincts 95% of the time, so I am unsure of what happened in her look last night.

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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    • Heather C

      At least her cat eye looks nice.

    • Lily Savage

      She kinda looks like Pamela Anderson, they both have the same haircut/style.

    • Jewels

      She reminds me of Kris Jenner. I agree the cat eye looks nice though.

    • Mel

      She looks so old – for someone who so isn’t. She is too gorgeous with too much personality to look so boring and stiff. It’s a misnomer to me, for sure.

    • J_Doe5686

      Is she pregnant?

      • Maddie

        My first thought too…Her face looks different

      • J_Doe5686

        I know, right!?

    • JennyWren

      I always think Kaley looks lovely when you see photographs of her on the street being “off-duty;” I think she might be one of those women (and I’d include myself in this description) who kind of loses the plot when it comes to formal events…every time I see her I think she’s just trying to hard to get a certain “look.” In this case, I think she did the hair to match the outfit, when she really should have kept her normal, more textured look for contrast. And if she hadn’t worn the jacket it would have come off as less staid. But it’s a lot easier to say that from the outside and in retrospect.

    • Brianna

      I think she looks like Robin Wright in House of Cards (who I find quite lovely looking). She in no way looks like Kate Gosselin. She’s new to short hair and trying to figure out what she can do with it and how to style it.

    • Jamie

      At least the Big Bang Theory covers better content than this benal and superficial article … I mean really ladies??? she looks lovely though and who cares anyway.