Madonna Posts A Burqa Selfie on Instagram Because She Loves A Cultural Appropriation Controversy

Madonna GLAAD Awards

Sigh. I really wish Madonna would stick to posting selfies of her dressed up like Game Of Thrones characters. Putting on a Daenerys Targaryen costume is awesome. Cultural appropriation is not. I would even take a hairy armpit selfie (pities?) because that is waaaaaay less offensive. Instead of another furry armpit snap, Madonna decided to post a photo on Instagram of her wearing a burqa with a cage over the eyes.

Madonna Caged Eyes Burqa

She captioned the photo “Its that kind of day! #unapologeticbitch” so I reckon there won’t be a standard sorry-but-not-really PR statement any time soon.

I guess Madonna still hasn’t learned that cultural appropriation is not okay. And in case you’re unsure, that also includes blackface. It’s not acceptable for celebrities or normals, and it’s not okay to dress your baby up in controversial outfits because they may know better but are too young to protest. (Poor North West inadvertently causing controversy at her first birthday). Oh, and Coachella isn’t exempt from the above rules either. If you decide to wear a Bindi, burqa, or whatever items from a different culture you think are “fashionable,” it is wise to accessorize them with a well-worded apology. Or just don’t wear them.

I almost feel a bit sorry for Madonna because it seems like she just wants to keep up with the kids, and the only way she knows how to get a headline is to do something controversial. Racism may get you press Madonna, but it won’t make you any new friends.

At this point it would be easier on everyone, especially Madonna’s publicist, if she just deactivated her Instagram account like Rihanna. (Just look at how little controversy she’s caused since she quit). If Madonna wants to keep her account, she should agree to only dress up as non-offensive characters. If she starts off with The Muppets, that will keep her busy for awhile.

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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    • Samantha Escobar

      So confused. What does “it’s that kind of day” entail? Does that mean it’s the kind of day in which you utilize another culture’s manner of dressing in order to be ~*risque*~ or craaaaazay? Or is it the kind of day in which you are Madonna and just don’t understand anything because you’ve been famous for entirely too long?

    • FemelleChevalier

      I think you missed the bigger picture here. No, I’m not talking about cultural appropriation in the context of what you’ve written. See that cage? That’s NOT included in any kind of burqa (and that’s actually a niqab). I’ve literally never seen that being worn by any Muslim.

      So what does this entail? What does Madonna mean? That the conservative Islamic garb is a “literal” cage for womanhood? That this particular cultural clothing is a sign of gender oppression?

      This is outright mockery towards the more conservative leaning of Islamic faith. Some feminists are against the idea of burqa, and this happens to be a feminist site. I’m curious to know: what’s your opinion on this?

      Are you with her or against her?

      • guest

        I’m a Muslim woman to put this in context. This is irritating to no extent.
        I’m Indian too so the bindi and nose ring nonsense was already hitting my last nerve but i can’t take this. a niqab is yes, worn by many women who are forced into wearing it. but it’s because they live in chauvinistic, uneducated societies whose only future is war. women in developed, educated countries wear it as a sign of respect and honour. a way to present themselves as human beings rather than physical objects of beauty and vanity. people like Madonna piss the hell out of young Muslim women because they increase the stigma that Muslim women are oppressed. We are proud to be who we are and wear what we do. I wear a hijab (the head covering) in a western, free, democratic society and I still get treated with racist prejudice all the time. but we can’t make everyone less ignorant so we live with it. people with millions of dollars should use the internet and learn something before they go around sending wrong messages. Muslim women are proud of their niqab and for those who are forced, we pray they are allowed to be free in whichever way they wish.

      • FemelleChevalier

        People can be ignorant on Islam. It’s improper how some force their cultural values on foreign countries without proper insight.

      • Tina

        I’m not trying to offend you, but I know that most people, both men and women, in the western society (including some muslims) do not feel that women with a niqab present themselves simply as human beings more so than they would be if they were just wearing the hijab (which is perceived very differently). They might not be physical objects of beauty and vanity, but they are seen as cookie cutter objects as a product of religion. Perhaps you could argue that it isn’t right or it’s based on prejudice, but fact is most women would be taken less seriously because of their niqab even by well-meaning and open-minded people. Covering the face so completely does not allow others to see your facial expressions, see you speak or do something like have a meal together in public. From a psychological perspective it isn’t natural because it is actually preventing people from connecting with you as another human being and reading your body language. A face is also how you are recognized, it gives you an identity, makes you a unique person to strangers. To take away someone’s identity to the world around them and prevent them from interacting normally actually is oppressing no matter how you try to spin it in terms of “respect and honour”. Many muslims have said it isn’t something required in Islam anyway, it’s a result of cultural interpretation. Wearing loose robes or a head covering around your hair and neck is just like wearing another piece of clothing and should not be judged, but I still don’t understand why any truly educated woman would still see any real-world value in wearing a niqab.

    • Michelle

      I’m sure she’s intending it as some weird artsy statement. and at this point, does anyone take Madonna seriously anymore? She’s the ultimate shit disturber, and we eat it up every time. this is no different.

    • thisisme

      The women is not that deep!! Maybe she was having a bad hair day. But for the love of (insert personal diety here) this cultural appropiation bent the blog/ezine is on has left them realm of the rational. And if you’re going to continue down this path, I’m with FemelleChevalier. Get your “cultures” straight. Burqa…..

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      She’s been doing that #unapologeticbitch hashtag for quite a while now. I think she’s legit slipping.

    • JenH1986

      I do not mean this sarcastically: I was not aware Madonna was still relevant. Other than shit stirring posts like this, which then leads me to question, who the hell follows her to know that she’s posting dumb shit like this?

    • NYCNanny

      I’m sorry but how is this offensive?? Or are we not allowed to ever dress like any other culture but our own…? Jesus Christ.

      • FemelleChevalier

        This is not cultural appropriation. This is mockery of Islamic faith.