Crowdsourcing: How Should I Dye & Cut My Boring Brown Hair?

Crowdsourcing: Based On My Past Styles, WTF Should I Do To My Boring Hair?Guys, I am in a style rut. I am terribly bored with my brown hair (and wardrobe, but more on that another day) and I have no idea what to with it. I would ideally like to do something on the dramatic side, but I am unsure as to whether that is just me being so bored I am about to make poor decisions as a result, or if these are valid hair risks I should actually wind up taking.

Right now, my hair is fairly long, very thick, and a few shades of medium/dark brown. Here’s the long and short of my hair over the past couple years, so you have an idea of what I look like with a couple cuts and colors.

2009: Bright red, Ronald McDonald hair that faded to an orangey-red. The haircut was chin-length and fairly “blah.” I was a freshman in college; can you tell how cool I thought I was?

Crowdsourcing: Based On My Past Styles, WTF Should I Do To My Boring Hair?2010: Short hair with steps for my sophomore year of college and my first trip to Coachella. I have no idea, to this day, why I thought this was a good decision. Up until that point, it had been blue or bright red on and off for years. (It grew back very quickly, thank goodness, but hopefully this helps deter anyone from recommending short hair.)

Crowdsourcing: Based On My Past Styles, WTF Should I Do To My Boring Hair?2011: Blue! Blue blue blue. And it stayed that way once again for another two years or so. I always used Manic Panic in Shocking Blue, but occasionally used other colors from the brand, too.

Crowdsourcing: Based On My Past Styles, WTF Should I Do To My Boring Hair? 2012: After graduating, I decided I needed to get a job. I wound up spending hundreds of dollars and six hours on taking my hair from blue to brown. And then I got a job working online where nobody really cares what color my hair is. I’m not bitter at 2012 Sam’s decisions or anything. (Ugh.) I kept a streak of blue that faded to blonde, though.

Crowdsourcing: Based On My Past Styles, WTF Should I Do To My Boring Hair?2013 – 2014: I’ve been all brown for the past year or so, and I am oh-so-bored with it. It has a somewhat shapeless cut and the color is a sort of medium brown shade that darkens towards the bottom.

Samantha Escobar Stella Artois Cannes Film FestivalSo tada! That is a brief timeline, minus a few extra embarrassing moments and awkward phases. I am trying to decide between a few different options, all of which have some consequences and benefits.

Stay brown. I will feel bored, yes, but I could get a cute layered haircut that will allow my hair to continue growing yet give it some movement and body.

Go ash blonde. It has been a long time since I was blonde, but I very much enjoyed it. It would be an ashy shade of blonde with primarily cool and neutral tones given how pale and blue-toned my skin is. If I were to do this, I would likely cut my hair up to my chin. Something like this:

Go platinum blonde. You only live once, etc.

Crowdsourcing: Based On My Past Styles, WTF Should I Do To My Boring Hair?

Out Magazine

Go blue. I miss my blue hair terribly, which is silly because I have had nearly two years to mentally break up with it at this point. It has always made me feel most “like myself,” a sentiment that I realize is a little odd, and it would finally make all of my social media profiles accurate once again. Right now, they’re kind of lies. If I were to do this, I would likely make my hair a brighter blue on the top and get a sort of ombre thang going where the bottom would be darker blue or perhaps a deep indigo. Here’s a helpful reference:

So, what do you folks think I should do? Here’s a little poll to help me out:

What should I do with my hair?

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Let me know in comments if you have any other ideas!

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    • Alana Vincenza

      BLUE. And if all goes according to plan this weekend, I might come back with some red hair. We’ll see.

      • Lily Savage

        DO IT

    • Megan Zander

      I vote for ash blonde, but collarbone length, not chin, so you can still do fun summer braids and buns. Then I would live it up with hair chalk for the rest of the summer. But I loved all your past styles, so no matter what you do I’m sure it wil end up looking good.

      • Sri

        I already voted for blue, so I’m not going to be “that guy” and go back and change my vote, but I actually like your blonde + hair chalk idea better. It’s more versatile and it allows for different colors and patterns (I’m personally partial to highlights of different shades of blue and teal, but the ombre idea sounds amazing, too).

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    • Heather C
    • Lily Savage

      Blue allllll the way! I like the 2009 hair thought, it gives off a Kate Winslet Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind vibe.

      • Jen Pires

        yup, Clementine!

      • Samantha Escobar

        You guys are too kind :D

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    • Jen Pires

      id do either blue or ash blonde, but regardless of color I think chin length is GORGEOUS on you! it really brings out your eyes and cheekbones and makes them pop! so id definitely vote for short

    • Michelle

      if you felt more like ‘you’ in blue, do it! i know i feel more myself with magenta hair, and i’m headed that way again this month :) i miss it!

    • diane kaston

      every woman should be platinum once in a life time, and it is better to do it when you are younger, also no bangs you will be miserable all summer!

      • A

        Plus you’d need to bleach it before dying it blue anyway, right? So go platinum (because why not???) see how you like it, then you have the versatility if after a few months you decide you really do want to go back to blue.

    • MarySilver

      Go for Candy Cotton Pink, either pure on bleached hair or diluted to a beautiful candy cotton color with the Manic Mixer. I have my dyed that way and it is just gorgeous (and always makes me smile when I see myself in the mirror ’cause it´s just soooo pretty – in pink ;) )

    • keanesian

      I heart Freshman in college Sam.

      • Samantha Escobar

        College freshman Sam would have been very excited about this! She then would have offered you a shot of Malibu because duhhhh COLLEGE.

    • keanesian

      Also, your brown hair looks so good while you’re swooshing cups in a sink. Is that what you’re doing there?

      • Samantha Escobar

        I am learning to pour the perfect pint via Stella Artois, in all seriousness :D

    • Olivia Wilson

      Blue ombré sounds like it’ll be amazing.

    • LittleBird

      I wanted to say that your skin always looks so luminous! No matter what hair color :) And oh my god, is that the dude from to Catch a Predator in your blue hair photo? “Take a seat…..”

      • Samantha Escobar

        Oh my goodness, thank you! :D That makes me so happy. (Although for the record I do use highlighter like all the time so that probably helps a lot.)

        AND YES. I went through this weird phase for a few years where I regularly added him to my photos for like no reason.

    • Holly

      I voted “other” but I mostly mean blue. You clearly loved it and you mention it all of the time in a way that made me really wonder why you don’t have it back already. How magnificently monochrome would that blue hair look with that blue lip? I chose “other” because I’m not loving the light and ombre look. I think it would look fine but I don’t think it would look as amazing as something close to your bright blue pic above but maybe sliiiiightly darker/deeper.

    • LindseyJake

      Blue… And then pls post a “how to get that gorgeous shade of blue” tutorial. I’m so scared to fry my hair, but want a hot color soooo bad!

    • Sarah

      A mix of blue and blonde highlights?? Is that a thing?

    • Katherine Denise De Villiers

      How did you get your hair so blue? Is your hair naturally dark? I tried to go blue and had to go blond first (naturally dark brown hair) and only the bangs held the colour :( Would love full blue hair!

    • Sarah

      I would say ash blonde just because you haven’t done it before. You’ve done the blue, try something new!

    • Marie Neilon-Hart

      You already did blue…for two years…at risk of sounding like your boring aunt, I vote for a sophisticated cut, ash blonde color. I like your hair chin length, like in picture # 4. Why don’t you buy yourself a blue wig for the occasional crazy night on the town?

    • Ewa

      I think you look lovely in blue (not sure about ombre, though, you might end up looking too much like a cosplayer), but won’t you consider aubergine hair? You might look stunning in this.
      P.S. I have pretty good genes myself, but LOVE YOUR SKIN;)

    • Eileen

      I don’t really have an opinion on the cut, but I think the brown hair looks amazing with your skin in a way that the lighter colors just don’t. The blue is pretty but a) you’ve done it before and b) I don’t think it looks better than your natural color, so why not stick with the simpler and cheaper color?