Brave Teen Turns Butt Shaming Around With This Body Positive Photo That’s Going Viral

Daryl Lynn OConnell Photo

Do your part to stop bullying and share this. First, grab a tissue, then get you finger on the share button. Daryl Lynn O’Connell posted a touching message on her Facebook page after her daughter was bullied by some horrible peers. The bullies  graffitied a rock at the beach and labelled it “Carleigh’s ass.” Daryl Lynn’s daughter, Carleigh, knew the reference was about her, given the unique spelling of her name.

Rather than be upset about the entire incident, Carleigh wanted to use the horrible event to open up a discussion about bullying. Carleigh posted a photo of her in a bikini next to the rock on her Instagram account and her mother put it up on her Facebook page. Now they are asking everyone to share the images.

Daryl Lynn accompanied the photo with this message:

“She decided that she was going to be stronger than hurtful words on the concrete and that she was going to be proud of her figure. She also told me that she feels complete sympathy for the teenagers across the country who face this everyday. She understands and wants all of them to find strength inside to rise above the nastiness and be empowered by who you are, how you are made and what is in your heart.”

Take a second to dry your eyes, before you put your social media accounts to good use by sharing this inspirational story. As Daryl Lynn says ”I hope it travels across the country and can help one teenager who is bullied or the victim of hurtful things.” Let’s make this thing go viral.

(Photo: Daryl Lynn O’Connell/Facebook)

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    • Alana Vincenza

      Love her response to the haters…and there’s totally not a single thing worth berating that ass for. It’s a good ass. You go, Carleigh’s ass (and Carleigh and her mom, too) !!!

      • michelleobetts

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    • Samantha Escobar

      The fact that somebody would put THAT MUCH EFFORT into bullying another person (not that any effort is okay, obvs) is remarkably sad. I love her response. Attagirl.

      • LucasCorso

        The fact that someone would go to so much effort to take something innocuous and make it into a bullying story is astounding. The fact that so many people are eating it up is bizarre. Look at the actual facts. Someone spray painted “Carleigh SASS” on a concrete block near the ocean. A 14 year old assumed it was about her because her name is Carleigh. She further assumed it was a body shaming incident, although there is no evidence for the claim. There is no allegation of any previous bullying, and the message itself is simply a name followed by the word SASS. Somehow this has been turned into a national story of bullying and bravery. It is kind of ridiculous.

      • alannah

        actually, if you read the full version of this story there were previous bullying incidents. Also, apparently her friends were told that that the spray paint was there by the people who had done it.

        Just because you believe it to be fake doesn’t mean you have to post it on every single persons comment btw..

      • ArthurFrayne

        “ASS” is underlined. It’s pretty clear what it says.

    • annex

      Photo opp! You go gurl. Already shared…

    • Madpluck

      Carliegh…..u r beautiful. Period.

    • Benita

      ” The bullies gratified a rock at the beach and labelled it “Carleigh’s ass.””

      I believe you meant to use ‘graffitied’. Gratified would mean that was one lucky rock indeed.

    • Benita

      Given that the whole fracas in the KFC turned out to be fake (which you didn’t report) none of this smells right. Like someone said, this is way too much effort for bullies but just enough for an attention whore.

      • LucasCorso

        I wouldn’t say media whore about a 14 year old kid. I think, more likely, someone wrote Carleigh SASS on this concrete and she and her friends mistakenly assumed it was about her. I remember being 14. You kind of think you are the center of the universe. From there, it became a thing.

    • Hyacinth Alagos

      It is very sad to say that bullying problem became higher and higher. At the first place I don’t really understand why do people pull someone down and make fun of them even if they know that they became evil at the eye of others. For the kids who was bullied why do they end up their lives? I admit it that words really hurt but it doesn’t mean you must decide to end up your precious life you only have it once why waste for some unreasonable thing? We can make a change together if we will just let them know what is the effect of this in our society and to our life let us protect and care.

      • LucasCorso

        I think there is a problem too in seeing bullying where there is none. I suspect that is the case here. Carleigh SASS is being interpreted as “Carleigh’s Ass,” which doesn’t really amount to anything as “body shaming” anyway. I think someone spray painted Carleigh SASS (perhaps the person who posts as Carleigh Sass on social media), and this young girl just assumed it was aimed at her. If it was an attempt at bullying, it was incredibly lame.

    • Chicken McPhee

      What’s wrong with her ass? I don’t get it. It’s pretty nice.

    • Mike Pitman

      Nothing to be ashamed of there Carleigh, that is actually a rather nice arse, Should be happy with that :)

    • UB2012

      I’d slap it……;)

      • d7777

        You do realize that is a 14 year old girl?

    • SomeKernelsofTruth

      A few of us see it as “Carleigh SASS,” which is perfect — she IS sassy, and a role model for her ability to stand up to lame bullying attempts! It’s great how, on every level, their attempt was foiled by her great response to it as well as how they wrote it: “Carleigh SASS” 1, pathetic bulliers 0!

      • LucasCorso

        Everyone should see it as Carleigh SASS, because that is what was written. I really doubt this was a bullying attempt, as it makes no sense as “body shaming.”

      • Mel in Sydney

        You are just wrong.
        It’s Carleighs Ass, can’t you see where Ass is underligned? Stop trying to put her down for taking a stand.

    • MandyDoll

      I don’t get the joke/insult. The only shameful thing in the photo is the lack of the apostrophe by the artist.

      • LucasCorso

        It doesn’t make any sense as “body shaming,” so I’m thinking it was something innocent mistaken as bullying.

      • MandyDoll

        Maybe, but the article (at least to me) makes it seem as if she has been bullied for her rear end. Either way, it was not a good thing. Her rear end does not look like a rock. Lol

      • LucasCorso

        I don’t doubt that someone had “bullied” her before. Which might well be the reason she thought this was about her. Like I’ve said elsewhere, when you are 14 years old, you think everything is about you. That said, it is difficult to see the insult in the words: Carleigh SASS. It just doesn’t make much sense as bullying. And since a simple google search reveals people using the name Carleigh Sass on social media, the idea that this was bullying directed at her seems exceptionally unlikely. To me, at least.

      • MandyDoll

        It included her name.

      • LucasCorso

        It included a name. If I spray painted “Mandy” on a block of concrete, would you assume it was about you? If I spray painted Mandy SASS, would you assume it was intended as “body shaming?” Even if you don’t have any weight issue and there is no history of bullying? There is little doubt left here about what happened: A girl named Carleigh assumed graffiti at the beach was about her because that is her name. She then made the quantum leap of assuming it was “body shaming” about her because, if you really really try, you can twist “Carleigh SASS” into “Carleigh’s Ass.”

      • MandyDoll


      • LucasCorso

        I just read what her mom posted on facebook, and I’m calling complete BS on this. The mom doesn’t claim that she was previously bullied over her ass or anything else. She just says that they “knew” it was about their daughter because of a “distinct spelling” of her name. So someone wrote “Carleigh SASS” on a concrete block near the ocean. This girl assumed it was about her, because that’s how she spells her name, and further assumed it was body shaming because “Carleigh SASS” could be twisted into “Carleigh’S ASS” if you try. Sigh. This is a non-story. And a 15 minutes of fame grab.

      • MandyDoll

        Ugh, I hope not. After the KFC thing, how many more hoaxes can we take?

      • LucasCorso

        Unless proven otherwise, I’m going to give the girl the benefit of the doubt that she actually believed this was about her and that she believed it was a bullying attempt. Like I’ve written elsewhere, I certainly recall being 14. The world seems much smaller, and you feel more like the center of the universe at that age. So I’m not accusing the girl or her mother of a purposeful hoax (like the KFC thing). I think it is just a mistake made by a young person. In the age of the internet and viral news, . . well, now it is something much bigger.

      • minja

        It’s implying her ass looks like the rock – meaning she has cellulite.

      • MandyDoll

        Ohhhhhhhh, okay. That is really mean. My God, is that mean. That is cruel. I’m glad she didn’t take it personally. Wow, I can’t even get over how mean that was.

      • Tawny Rogacki

        Actually I think they were comparing the size of the cement block to her butt. It’s cruel either way, no one deserves to be bullied.

    • Anne Marie Hawkins

      I think they were trying (unsuccessfully) to say that her bottom is the size and shape of the piece of concrete. But, you know, they’re exceptionally stupid bullies and it really does look like it says Carleigh SASS.

      • LucasCorso

        I think it was someone successfully writing Carleigh SASS. There is a person (or persons) who posts on various social media sites under the name “Carleigh Sass.” It really makes no sense that it was intended as “Carleigh’s Ass” given the lack of apostrophe and the all caps of SASS.

    • Rikke

      Uhm, but that girl looks gorgeous? Not just saying that, she really is

    • turnipcake

      Fourteen is often not a nice age. I don’t know if this will stop cliques of male bullies. They will always say nasty things in private.

    • RHO1953

      Way to go, Carleigh! You are smart and brave. Be proud of your body, there is NOTHING wrong with it.

    • Lolnope

      Uh, this is really more “objectification” than “body shaming.” Pretty clear to me that some kid in her class has a certain … fixation. And lacks the means to get up on it properly. Get your diatribes straight.

    • Martine

      Wow, she is getting her fifteen minutes of fame out of this. They don’t like her ass. Are they required to like it? She probably wrote that herself.

      • Alannah

        NOW who’s the bully, what’s wrong with you?

      • minja

        That’s a troll – don’t respond to it.

    • Yarita

      I don’t get the joke or shame… what were they saying about her ass?

    • Jamesmitchell

      She’s a hero…for baring her ass to the world when she’s 14?

    • YGTBK

      This whole story boggles the mind. I don’t see the empowerment. I see a photo of a teenage girl’s butt going viral on the internet, being pushed further by people calling it “body positive.” I see a bunch of feminists shaming the men for even LOOKING at this photo. I see bunch of white knights shaming everyone who doesn’t find this story positive. And I see thousands of people flocking to a “top news story” while far more important things happen around the globe.

      The internet is truly dumbing down the entire world.

      • Ebola Guy

        Hey! Help that girl with her self esteem. Tell her that she has a fine ass.

    • Ebola Guy

      What? I don’t get it. That is one fine ass on that girl! Nice n big! Baby got back! You go girl!