Rachel McAdams’ #NoMakeup Cover Look Will Inspire You To Ditch The Eyeliner This Summer

rachel mcadams august 2014 allure cover

Every time we turn on the TV or flip through a magazine, we’re hit over the head with Photoshop disasters, manipulated images of already gorgeous people, and unrealistic standards of beauty. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup, getting glammed up, or editing photos for aesthetic reasons, it can be really refreshing to see photos of celebrities looking stripped-down and, well, normal. We’ve seen Rachel McAdams light up the big screen and stun on the red carpet, but there’s something especially beautiful about her latest magazine cover. Wearing minimal makeup, Rachel looks fresh-faced and realistic on the August 2014 issue of Allure.

Not only is her top adorable– I’m a sucker for florals and lace, and this kind of combines the two– but her unlined eyes and natural-looking eyebrows look clean, pretty, and down-to-earth. E! points out that it’s been a while since we’ve seen Rachel’s face plastered on a glossy cover (“nearly two years, in fact”), so it’s especially cool that her comeback mag is celebrating her real-life beauty. Of course, it’s still fun to see creative makeup and flashy hair in magazine spreads, but it’s rare to see one like this. I’m kind of loving it.

It’s pretty awesome that this cover is coming out just in time for #BodyConfidenceWeek, when women are taking to Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter to celebrate their so-called imperfections and put the spotlight on their natural beauty. While it’s important to remember that this Allure cover is still obviously Photoshopped (and she’s still obviously wearing some makeup), it’s also cool to see it starting a conversation about beauty. Rachel looks awesome, you look awesome, I look awesome, women are awesome. Basically.

Via E! / Photo: Allure Magazine

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    • Alana Vincenza

      She looks beautiful! And I’m interested to know which bikini changed her career.

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    • diane kaston

      she looks lovely

      • Lily Savage

        Lovely was the first word that came to my mind too!

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    • diane kaston

      yes just sort of soft and natural like your friend looks on her best day!