17 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White Clothes

17 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesA couple weeks ago, we asked this question: what underwear do you wear under white pants? Besides being an almost tongue-twister, this is an actual dilemma that plagues women (and men) every summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The answer is nude undergarments, which blend in which your skin while also ensuring viewers do not get an eye-full of your…well, everything that underwear covers, ya feel me?

Here are 15 nude undergarments that you can use for all your white pants, shorts, dresses and skirts! Or anything else you want to wear ‘em underneath, really.

1. T-Shirt Bra (MySkins, $60)

15 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesWe talked about MySkins a bit in our article on what to wear under white clothing, and we’re still huge fans. They offer twenty shades of flesh colors so your undergarments will match your skin perfectly.

2. Smooth Balconette Bra (Lane Bryant, $36.50 – 50)

15 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesThis bra comes in a huge array of colors and goes up to a size 50DDD, so Lane Bryant’s got you covered and comfortable.

3. b.tempt’d Perfectly Fabulous Boyshort (Zappos, $10.49)

15 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesThese would be comfortable under just about anything that went past your butt.

4. LAmade Knit V-Neck Slip Dress (Urban Outfitters, $39)

15 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesLooking for something to wear under a white dress? Eliminate the seam-showing issue and wear this slip! If you are feeling extra bold that day, wear it on its own or with a belt and boots.

5. Natural Strapless Clear Back Bra (Debenham’s, $35.65)

15 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesThis pretty balconette has a transparent back, so you can wear it with plunging or backless dresses.

6. Perfect Coverage Bra (Victoria’s Secret, $42.50 – 55.50)

15 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesI like this simple and moderately inexpensive design, though it is important to remember that it is still Victoria’s Secret and–let’s be honest–it probably won’t last that long. Still, if you’re looking for an easy option and will not be wearing it a ton, there are Victoria’s Secrets all over the place and you can try one of these bras on very easily.

7. Dolce & Gabbana Silk-Satin Balconette Bra (Matches Fashion, $125)

15 Nude Undergarments You Can Wear Under White ClothesHow beautiful is this bra? While this will undoubtedly work under plenty of clothing items, it is kind of wonderful in and of itself. If you want to ooze Dita Von Teese-esque sex appeal, wear this with the matching satin underwear, curl your hair, pop on some red lipstick and throw on a robe. Whether you’re actually having somebody over or just being fancy on your own, you will feel like a million bucks.

Click to the next page to see a bra under $20 you can find in the mall, the perfect three-pack of nude underwear, and a multi-way bra for large breasts!

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    • JennyWren

      I’m pretty surprised not to see the Freya Deco bra up there. It’s pretty much the standard t-shirt bra for women with small backs and big cup-sizes, and comes in strapless as well as plunge- you can get it in pretty colors too but the nude is the classic. I buy one about once a year and wear it almost daily. There is also a non-underwired version available, but I personally didn’t find it very supportive.

    • Librarifun

      Soma has vanishing edge panties in nude tones that are ah-mazing. I stopped buying panties and bras from anywhere but Soma–except for that time I forgot to pack underwear on a ALA conference trip to New Orleans and had to buy giant granny panties from a CVS near the French Quarter.

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    • Lily Savage

      I was just thinking about how I needed to buy a slip! Perfect post timing.