Kim Kardashian Vs. Kendall Jenner: Who Wore Balmain Better At Vogue’s Gala?

Did your Wednesday night consist of any fashion battles a la Zoolander? No? Well, you’re in luck: at the Vogue Foundation Gala in Paris for Couture Fashion Week, an epic fight of fashion was brewing. The contenders: Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. The designer: Balmain. That’s right–both wore the same designer on the same red carpet that their sisters and mom totally were not invited to. To be fair, they wore Balmain at least in part because they were part of Olivier Rousteing‘s group, in which everyone wore designs from Balmain’s Fall 2014 collection. So, who wore this designer better? Let’s examine the looks via the duo’s Instagram pics from last night.

Kim Kardashian Vs. Kendall Jenner: Who Wore Balmain Better At Vogue's Gala?It is a slightly unfamiliar phrase to type, but here goes: I like Kim’s look. It is very odd, but i is also very “her” in that it contains leopard print, it shows off her hourglass figure and it’s kind of on the weird side.

Kim Kardashian Vs. Kendall Jenner: Who Wore Balmain Better At Vogue's Gala?Plus, I am so down with Kim’s vampy lipstick.

Kim Kardashian Vs. Kendall Jenner: Who Wore Balmain Better At Vogue's Gala?This competition a little uneven in some ways due to Kendall being an actual model these days and everything. Most designer clothing is made with very tall, very thin women in mind, whereas Kim is 5’3″ and has wider hips and bigger boobs–something the fashion industry finds rather inconvenient. In the past few months, Kendall has somehow made ridiculous hats, topless shoots, and angry baby makeup look decent. Plus, she has already walked in Couture Fashion Week for Chanel, so we know she wears high fashion designers well (it is always remarkable to me just how much posing and posture improve the appearance of clothing). That said, Kim holds her own despite the inherently combative nature of designer clothing against non-model figures. This outfit looks lovely on her.

Kim Kardashian Vs. Kendall Jenner: Who Wore Balmain Better At Vogue's Gala?Unfortunately, I think that even though Kendall is very lovely, she looks like a cross between Mortal Combat’s ideal of a ninja and a G.I. Joe figurine. This much structure looks more severe than stylish to me, and those laser cut boots are just too much.

The Winner

Nobody. Everybody loses. Go home.

Just kidding–I actually like Kim’s outfit better than Kendall’s here. It fits her well (a frequent complaint regarding her style). While I think the leopard print skirt could have been replaced with a black leather pencil instead, I still find hers more interesting than Kendall’s.

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    • Lily Savage

      I always forget how short Kim is! I love her vampy lip too, but I like Kendall’s look more. I like her slicked hair and gladiator-ish dress. It’s much more strict and severe than what I’m used to seeing her wear on the red carpet

    • Alana Vincenza

      Kendall is very “fashion soldier” here. And I don’t think I realized how short Kim was until right now.

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    • Heather C

      Team Kendall! I like Kim’s pieces individually but its too OTT together, which I realize is her thing.

    • April Dawn Bell

      Kendall, well, both of them really, look like they should be on some kind of Sci Fi program.