20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have Oily Hair

Girl Greasy Hair Sad

Are you still searching for a decent dry shampoo? Does the thought of going without shampoo for more than 48 hours upset you more than if someone accidentally deleted all of your unwatched episodes of Game Of Thrones? And don’t get me started about how the heat and humidity of summer make you look like a greasy monkey two hours after you wash your hair. Arrrrrrgh. If you have oily hair, then you know what I’m talking about.

Here are 20 other things oily-haired girls will understand:

1. Wash, rinse and repeat is a necessary part of your daily routine.

2. That sometimes dry shampoo isn’t enough.

3. How you can never use shine shampoos because they make your hair look so greasy that you’ll have to rewash it again.

4. Conditioner never, ever goes on your roots.

5.  That you really do need to wash your hair on a daily basis and it’s not because you are high maintenance.

6. As much as you want them to be the same, oily hair never looks like shiny hair.

7. When your hairdresser puts product in your roots after she blowdries it and you want to scream, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” 

8. That there is no such thing as over washing your hair. Washing your hair doesn’t make it extra oily, NOT washing it does.

9. At about 1:00pm you need to put your hair up because it’s starting to feel gross.

10. How annoying people who say they wash their hair once every two weeks are.

11. Teased hairstyles, or any hairdo with body at the roots, are impossible.

12. How your hair can look so oily that people have asked you if it is wet.

13. It is mandatory that you wear your hair up for the entire summer.

14. You are not lazy with your hair, you actually do take care of it.

15. Your roots are always greasy, but your ends are dry and damaged.

16. And brushing your hair 100 times won’t evenly distribute the oils.

17. Anyone with oily hair is automatically stereotyped as evil or a nerdy physics professor.

18. You’re convinced that your oily scalp affects you ability to think clearly–or at least focus on something other than your hair.

19. 2-in-1 shampoos are evil.

20. You can comb your hair back and it will stay in that position, without any product.

(Photo: Siberia – Video and Photo/Shutterstock)

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    • Jenni

      #5 so hard! People always act like I’m a diva when I say I need to shower daily…I always have to assure them that it’s in their best interest that I do.

    • MCR

      I can relate to all. Appreciate the support on the “over-washing” theory.

      I once showed up to babysit for a friend after about 32 hours without a shampoo, and a visitor said to me, “Oh, you must have rushed to get here – you didn’t even have time to dry your hair!”

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    • couch and pants

      This is my life. I finally feel like someone understands me! I have tried all of the stupid no-poo, dry shampoo, apple-cider vinegar bullshit theories about how I can make my hair the kind of hair I don’t have to wash everyday and they are ALL LIES. Lies. But I feel better now.

      • Emily

        let us know if you find something that works! I’ve been trying everything too to no avail ;_;

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    • http://rjleegroup.com/ Brooke Volk

      My hair has a not-oily-looking shelf life of about seventeen hours. After that, it looks like I haven’t washed it in two weeks. And then there are the people that try to tell me that NOT washing my hair for four days will help it balance itself and go back to being normal. Tell ya what… when I have four days to sit in my house and not go anywhere or see anyone, I’ll try that. ugh.

    • julia31

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