Somebody Needs To Tell Kim Kardashian That Baby North West Doesn’t Have A Personal Sense Of Style

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Although her ability to wear denim-on-denim comes in a close second, our absolute favorite thing about Kim Kardashian is her insistence that one-year-old North West is already a fashion prodigy. A few weeks ago, we LOL’d at reports that Kim only dresses her baby in neutral colors like black, white, and beige. Today, we’re hearing similar nonsense coming directly from the Kardashian Klan.

Kim recently chatted with Elle, telling the magazine that “North doesn’t really like pink,” that’s she’s “very neutral,” and that she “doesn’t like prints. She hasn’t liked it for her whole life.” Thankfully, everyone’s preferred member of the royal family, Khloe Kardashian, quickly interjected. “Kim and Kanye determine, that’s what parents do,” Khloe said. Kourtney Kardashian joined in to add, “Kim and Kanye don’t like pink or prints.”

Wait a second– do Khloe and Kourtney mean to imply that one-year-old babies can’t have a personal sense of style? Do they mean to suggest that even Kimye’s offspring is just a smiling little lump that can’t control her own bowels? Are they trying to say that we’ll have to wait nine, ten, maybe even sixteen years before North develops her own taste and style? The nerve.

The interview wraps up on an adorable note, though, with Aunt Khloe taking a stab at describing Nori’s little personality:

I would never describe North as princess-y. She’s like badass. Like, ‘I’m North.’ She’s very confident in who she is. North is very sweet, but North is like, ‘Hi.’ Like she bosses people around.

Part of me wants to pat all these women on the heads and whisper Shh. It’s a baby. She can just be a baby. That’s okay. Another part of me is having a blast imagining a toddler in Givenchy who won’t take anybody’s shit.

Via Refinery 29 / Photo: @kimkardashian on Instagram

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    • Alana Vincenza

      I’m LOLing that she thinks North doesn’t like prints. North is a BABY. She likes pooping in a diaper, I don’t think she’d care what color it was.

    • Meshelly Menatac George

      The baby was named North West. I’m pretty sure that in itself tells us EVERYTHING we need to know about the parents. Babies like naps. They do not give two sh!#$ about fashion; though they may give you two sh!#$.

    • Lily Savage

      I can’t wait till North’s first tell-all. It’s gonna be juiiiiiiiicy.

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    • Cara

      People as dumb as they CLEARLY are should not be allowed to reproduce.