25 Harry Potter Tattoos That Make Harry’s Lightning Scar Seem Like No Big Deal

If you thought that you were a true Harry Potter fan because you own the collector’s edition wand and you always went to the midnight movie screenings, that doesn’t make you better than the average Potter-loving Muggle. To prove that you are still obsessed with Harry Potter, even after all this time, you need to get a tattoo (and understand the line I loosely quoted). These Harry Potter tattoos separate the true fans who would stayed with Harry until the very end, from the ones who are dedicated, but rather show their love with a fancy HP smokey eye instead of permanent body modification.

Put on your wizard robes and your (fake) round glasses, and take a look at 25 brilliant Harry Potter tattoos:

1. Hogwarts Crest

Hogwarts Crest Harry Potter Tattoo

A Hogwarts school crest is great if you can’t choose a favorite school house. Though I don’t know why anyone would consider anything but Gryffindor…

2. Gryffindor Crest 

Gryffindor Crest Harry Potter Tattoo

I like that this person committed to their house. The Sorting Hat would not have to think too hard about where to place her.

3. “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Dumbledore Quote Harry Potter Tattoo

This is a well thought out design. I like how they combined the Deathly Hallows symbol with the Forbidden Forest and a Dumbledore quote.

4. Golden Snitch

Harry Potter Snitch Tattoo

The golden snitch is a popular tattoo, but this placement is one of my favorites. It wouldn’t be half as good if the snitch didn’t look like it was mid-flight.


Harry Potter 9 3 4 Tattoo

Someone wasn’t content trekking it all the way to London just so they could take a photograph of the 9¾ platform, they wanted the number on their back too.

6. “I must not tell lies.”

Harry Potter I must not tell lies Tattoo

Though I still get upset when I think about this part of the book, and that evil Dolores Umbridge and her blood quill, I will concede that it makes a great tattoo.

7. Harry Potter Symbols

Harry Potter Symbols Tattoo

I love how the scarf has been incorporated into the Gryffindor shield and how the glasses are overlapping the other symbols.

8. Scar And Glasses

Harry Potter Lightening Bolt And Glasses Tattooo

Speaking of glasses, this is another popular HP tattoo. You can get the lightning bolt scar or the glasses, but I suggest you get both.

9. Dark Mark

Harry Potter Dark Mark Tattoo

I question what type of person would want to get this as a tattoo, but I can still admire their dedication to Harry Potter. If I didn’t know the meaning of the mark, I would think that this is a brilliant tattoo.

10. Lumos

Lumos Glow In The Dark Harry Potter TattooIn my nerdy mind, nothing can get cooler than this. The person who thought to do this is a genius. This has changed my mind about white tattoos.

11. “The ones we love never truly leave us.”

Harry Potter The ones we love never truly leave us Tattoo

Harry Potter has so many excellent quotes that it is difficult to choose a favorite. This is a very sentimental one, and doesn’t scream, “I LOVE HARRY POTTER.”

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    • Lily Savage

      I want #15

    • Charmless

      I have a winged key tattoo that’s Potter-inspired, but it has an unrelated inscription underneath so the first impression isn’t that I have a Harry Potter tattoo. Before I got it, I strongly considered incorporating a snake into my skull tattoo, but it’s not on my arm and a Dark Mark is kind of silly anywhere else.

    • My friend did the one at the very top! These are all lovely :)

      • Heather C

        That’s so cool, it’s amazing!

    • ClaraMMurray

      To prove that you are still obsessed with Harry Potter, even after all this time, you need to get a tattoo (and understand the line I loosely quoted). http://qr.net/Fh7J

    • pinkdragon1986

      1. White tattoos are a horrible idea, they will turn yellow within a few years.
      2. Please do not support random hand tattoos… That persons professional life will be severely limited due to the (bad) choice to get a hand tattoo, regardless of how clever you think it is

    • nericco

      Number 25. So Harry doesn’t have a scar in the movies or books? Or you just don’t think it’s relevant to include in the tattoo? This is so… weird. But OMG I want to know the prices of these tattoos! (Ps. English is not my first language)