Of Course Kourtney Kardashian Thinks Matching Mother-And-Daughter Bikinis Are Cute

470941829MB00125_22nd_AnnuaThe Kardashians love an eclectic mix of things including crazy expensive stem cell facials, Scott Disick, nude bra selfies and an impeccably contoured face. The latest Kardashian obsession–at least for Kourtney Kardashian–is matching mother-daughter bikinis. Kourtney posted a photo on Instagram proclaiming her love of the dressed-like-twins look.

Kourtney Kardashian Mother Daughter Biknis

Kourtney captioned the photo:

“Just stopped into @dashboutique Southampton pop up shop…obsessing over these Acacia mommy daughter bikinis. And a little #KardashianGlow”

I wonder if Kourtney was inspired by the identical Givenchy leather jackets Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wore at their wedding? We all know Kanye is a fan of coordinated looks, so maybe his aesthetic is rubbing off on his sister-in-law?

I may love the dorky, twinsies Kardashian look, but I think matching mother-daughter bikinis are too much. Matching swimsuits, yes. Bikinis, no. I will concede that the picture is cute (because no one is wearing them), but I still find the idea of children in bikinis inappropriate–especially when they have a triangle top. You can call me old-fashioned, but triangle tops are meant for adult women with boobs. A tankini or a cropped halter top would be more age-appropriate and just as cute. Surprisingly, the bikinis aren’t part of the Kardashian Kids clothing line yet. They’re from Acacia, a brand which also specializes in one-pieces with side cutouts for the toddler demographic.

Of course, Kourtney had to get some Kardashian product placement in there too. She wasn’t content with just mommy-and-me bikinis. She also wanted matching mother-and-daughter tans, so she added two me Kardashian Glow bottles. That creeps me out far more than the bikinis because Kardashian Glow is self-tanner. Bikinis plus tanning lotion, is making the Kardashians sounds more like Toddlers in Tiaras. I really hope that Kourtney sticks with matching dresses and twins hairstyles because if she starts putting the young Kardashians in bikinis and self tan, I have visions of season 16 of KUWTK centered around North West and Penelope Disick as child beauty pageant queens–and that is one direction I don’t want to see the reality show go in.

(Photos: Getty Images, Instagram/KourtneyKardashian)

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    • Jenni

      I’m so back and forth on kiddie bikinis. On one hand, it’s not sexual unless you make it sexual. On the other hand, one with a lacey top seems overly sexual for a toddler. Why??

      • Jen Pires


    • rockmonster

      Nuh uh. No evil force on earth can convince me that mother-dautgher matchy anything is okay.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Agreed. Bikinis, skirts, dresses, pants, Dr. Seuss hats…my mom and I do not match one another.

      • rockmonster

        Oh my God! I was only thinking of when the daughter in the situation is still a little girl! Mothers and their adult daughters will dress the sane? That’s a thing?!?

      • Heather C

        We can try and make it a thing.

      • rockmonster
    • Elyne

      Matching goes too far for me, but honestly i see nothing wrong with bikinis for little girls. As long as the bikini is more kiddie orientated, than why not?

    • Jade

      No, I think triangle bikini tops are for kids and/or women with fairly small breasts. I feel like I would just fall out of them.