The Second Before & After Of My Platinum Blonde Hair Makeover, Now With Lavender!

The (Second) Before & After Of My Platinum Blonde Hair Makeover, Now With Lavender!In case you missed it last week, I was transformed from a long-haired brunette to a silver blonde with a bob cut. After months of deliberating and debating my decision, the makeover, which was done by Hairroin Salon‘s Artistic Director Luis Payne, initially took my hair from long and brown to a pale blonde with raspberry at the ends where we couldn’t lift all the color from my hair due to a long history of bleaching, dyeing and destroying it. On Wednesday, I went back to Hairroin Salon for the second half of my transformation. This is Sam’s Makeover 2: The Re-Blondening (coming soon to a theater near you, if anything is right with the world).

Here’s what my hair looked like when we finished up our session last time:

The Before And After Photos Of My Brown To Blonde (And Pink) Hair Transformation!In the salon still!

The Before And After Photos Of My Brown To Blonde (And Violet) Hair Transformation!

At work, taking awkward selfies.

I was thrilled with the results, but Luis is a perfectionist (a quality everyone should value in a stylist) and wanted to see how close to my original ideas of blonde we could get while still maintaining the integrity of my hair and keeping the look edgy.

When I showed back up at Hairroin, Luis consulted me about my experience so far as a blonde. We talked about what I’ve been doing to take care of it, how I’ve been treating it (masques! So many hair masques!), and where we were going to take it that day. I wanted to go even more platinum, sort of along the lines of a cooler toned Rita Ora look (as opposed to the James Franco hair inspo I’m sure you expected). And guess what? We were able to do just that!

Luis started removing the sort of peachy brassy tones from my hair with carefully placed bleach in order to target those areas without damaging other parts of my hair. After 15 or so minutes, Hairroin’s awesome assistant Dutch Foy once again shampooed my hair with some sort of magical potion that smelled like heaven and added back in a bunch of moisture. Luis checked my hair and voila! Tons of the darker peachy colors were made even blonder, which evened out my hair quite a bit.

The (Second) Before & After Of My Platinum Blonde Hair Makeover, Now With Lavender!Then, Luis added a blue cellophane all over my hair, using a slightly darker bluish-purple (blurple is one of my favorite words, by the way) to specific parts. He explained to me that a cellophane is a semi-permanent color gloss that allows the stylist to add in specific tones that will tweak the color a bit and give it tons of shine. That way, my hair was able to have a more pure, icier look to it–and actually look glossy, which I wanted very much since going through tons of processes can make it look duller.

The (Second) Before & After Of My Platinum Blonde Hair Makeover, Now With Lavender!

I posted this on my Instagram to be sneaky and misleading. I’m a jerk.

The (Second) Before & After Of My Platinum Blonde Hair Makeover, Now With Lavender!

Looking real fly.

Luis popped me under their drier for about twenty minutes, then turned it off and gave it another ten minutes to cool down. He and Dutch rinsed my hair very thoroughly, then conditioned it to give it lots of hydration.

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    • JenH1986

      Beautiful! I also saved these photos for my next visit. :) Look at you starting trends (even if they are in the sticks)

      • Samantha Escobar

        YAY. Oh my gosh, that makes me so happy! :D

      • JenH1986

        When it happens, I will message you photos. I think I’m going next month before my trip to GA!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Woohoo, have fun and for sure show ‘em to me!

    • Lyndsey

      Sam, I love it!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Eeee, thanks Lyndsey! :)

    • natalie

      I think it looks great! and it makes me consider actually maybe buying a heat protectant because no one really explained that that steam/sizzle was the moisture in my hair before! I do wish you would have told us how much money and time the entire thing costs. Including the actual salon costs and product costs. I’m aware it was expensive, I’m sure, but it would be nice to know for someone considering going this route.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you! And even though I knew heat spray was good, I never actually knew why–now that I know, I can’t imagine ever not using it (the image of my hair losing moisture like that is just awful). Money-wise, going blonde varies by salon, the experience and status of the stylist, etc., but in general, it is a pricy move because of the amount of time and processing it takes (which for me was 10 hours total over the course of two days). If you’re thinking about going blonde, definitely talk to the stylist you’re hoping to have do it; they can look at your hair and give you a much more precise estimate since yours might lift to blonde easier than mine.

    • Michelle

      gorgeous color on you!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you! :)

    • Heather C

      I love it, and think it works really well with the blue lipstick too.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thanks Heather! :D

    • Elyne

      Love it! The blue lips looked very gothic like with your dark hair but I love them with the blonde hair it somehow looks completely different.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you!! One of the things I love about changing my hair is that makeup and clothing look so different depending on hair color, it’s crazy. Also, side note: are you a natural redhead? Whatever your icon’s color is looks great!

      • Elyne

        Thank you !No redhead my own color is dark brown. This picture is pretty old actually I tend to experiment with my hair, especially the colors. Now my hair is more auburn like with a violet/red ombre. I really need to go to the hairsalon but I haven’t made it yet.

    • cara

      You’re making me miss my platinum hair something fierce right now. There’s nothing quite like rocking Targaryen locks to feel like a totally badass babe.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you so much! Also, omg, I was literally just talking to somebody about how Daenerys was a hardcore inspiration.

    • LouLou

      You look so good as a blonde-blonde! Not an easy look to pull off. I’m more partial to part 1 of the dye job, but that just cause I’m the kind of person that ALWAYS must have 3 shades in her hair at all times and loves rainbow tresses. Thats a beautiful color on you for sure

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you so much! :D I love love love rainbow hair, and I think this platinum blonde will let me play around with tints and eventually full on bright hair….someday!

    • Courtney Crawford

      LOVE the blue lip; Fabulous!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thanks! :D

    • LittleBird

      It’s GLORIOUS *heart eyes emoji*

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you!!! :D

    • diane kaston

      j’adore you look stunning!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you, Diane! :)

    • My 3 ct

      I preferred the previous version.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I loved that one, too, so I appreciate the feedback!

    • SdC

      Ugh. Girl. If i were in NYC, I would have a VERY hard time not asking you out.

      • SdC

        God, i dont mean that to sound creepy. You just rock the blonde!

      • Samantha Escobar

        You do not sound creepy at all! :D Thank you so much! <3

    • Raquel

      Gorgeous!! Love it with the Technopagan :D

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you so much! And hooray–I actually wore it out like that this weekend ;D

    • Sarah

      !!!! This is lovelyfantastic, you look great! Ahhh I want to try now <3

      • Samantha Escobar

        Thank you so much! :D You shouuuuld (and then you should show me)!