Miranda Lambert’s New Haircut Gets Upstaged By Her Makeupless Face

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When I was a kid, if you wanted to see your favorite celebrity without makeup on, you had to buy one of those horrendously invasive (and totally fake) celebrity gossip magazines at the grocery store checkout. Nowadays, Instagram reigns supreme, the selfie is at large, and the whole world has access to the heavily filtered #nomakeup photos that celebrities use to lord their power over the Normals. Today’s offender? None other than Miranda Lambert.

miranda lambert with no makeup and short hair

The country star took to Instagram today to post a pic of her new hair, captioning it “Fresh cut! Fresh color! Somethin’ bout PLATINUM!” It’s simultaneously adorable and sexy– just like the last time she surprised us by going for a shorter style– but I’m a little bit distracted by something else. She’s not wearing makeup. She’s not wearing makeup and she looks stunning. How is that fair? Someone look me in the eye and explain how that’s fair.

I can handle it when magazines go for “the natural look,” like Rachel McAdams‘ recent Allure cover, because you know a ton of Photoshop and expert lighting went into it. I can handle when Beyonce posts makeupless photos, because not only has she been accused of editing her Instagram posts, but I’ve never felt the need to try to compete with her unreachable level of perfection. No, what really stings is when the I’m-just-like-you types like Miranda still look like goddesses without the team of professional makeup artists and stylists. She’s so cool that it pains me. She’s charming, she’s talented, she’s body positive, and she’s looking amazing in this picture. First of all, how dare you? Second of all, keep doing what you’re doing.

Photos: Getty Images, @mirandalambert

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    • Jen Pires

      She looks adorable, and to me the part that’s impressive is how she didn’t even make a huge deal or even mention the #nomakeup blah blah-type caption

    • shoey

      Finally a REAL no makeup selfie! I hate the celebs that clearly have eyeliner or concealer or mascara. This makes me really like Miranda.

    • Rachel Foley

      Hayley, I hate to break it to ya, but you are just as pretty as her, easily. We talk about average as though its a bad thing, when its really just not. Miranda is beautiful, but so is the average woman. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, time to put back on your rose colored glasses.

    • Gen

      All need put an end to letting them put all that makeup on your face for T.V. I can tell you it will diss-troy your face. You will age much faster if you let them keep on doing that to you. All need stand up, and say no way anymore.