14 Hair Accessories That are So Much Better for Holiday Parties Than Complicated Updos

Hair AccessoriesThe default look for many people during the holidays is a fancy dress and an updo. However, you do not need to scour the internet looking for hair tutorials that aren’t too complicated then wrestling your hair into submission. If gold leaf hair and glitter roots are a bit too messy for you, try a hair accessory. Just clip one (or a cluster) into your locks and your hair goes from everyday to party-ready in seconds. Hair accessories work for almost any hair length, type and hairstyle, so keep a few in your party makeup bag along with your lipstick.

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Try one of these 14 hair accessories to add some bling to your hairstyle:

1. Two-Pack Hair Clips ($22.90, Zara)Zara Hair Clips

Why add only one hair clip when you can add two? This set comes with two coordinate clips. Wear them grouped together or break them with asymmetrical look.

2. Three-Pack Art Deco-Ration Hair Pin Set ($14.99, ModCloth)ModCloth Art-Decoration Clips

There is no rule that stipulates that all your hair clips have to match. This three-piece set includes vintage-inspired hair clips with turquoise gems and rhinestones. If you are going for a 1920′s look, get these to go with your fringed dress.

3. Designsix Sequin Floral Slide ($16, ASOS)ASOS Metallic Headband

If you think that hair combs are old lady-ish, it is time to change your opinion. This comb has delicate floral embellishment and it is great for pulling a section of your hair back in a modern way.

4. Snowflake Hair Pin Duo ($24, Chloe + Isabel)Chloe + Isabel Hair Pin Duo

Hair clips are not just for schoolgirls. This delicate set works the winter theme into your outfit. The clips are much more sophisticated than walking around wearing an old Santa hat with your party dress.

5. Golden Leaf Headband ($28, Urban Outfitters)Urban Outfitters Golden Leaf Headband

This headband gives you a golden finish and you do not even need to go near your arts and crafts box. Copy this hairstyle and place it is so it just visible under a soft half-up hairstyle.

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