12 Hydrating Body Products That Will Stop Your Skin from Feeling Like Sand Paper

Hydrating BodyDo you feel like a reptile because of all your dry skin? You’re not alone. We are just over halfway through January and it has been awhile since the sunny days of August. You’ve probably tried to keep your body scale-free with body lotion or body butters. They can do a decent job, but if you really want to boost your hydration, try mixing them with other products. Think hydrating soaps and in-shower moisturizers. You can even try a body oil instead of your usual cream of choice.

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These are the moisturizing body products that will keep your skin looking its best:

1. Lavender Rose Natural Body Lotion ($9.99, Vineyard Hill Naturals)Vineyard Naturals Body Lotion

This vegetable-based body lotion leaves your skin smooth and silky. Plus, it absorbs in the blink of an eye. The lavender and rose scent will transport you away from the frigid days of winter to a lush garden.

2. Deep Comfort Body Butter ($29.50, Clinque) Clinique Deep Comfort

If you love Clinique moisturizers on your face, why not try one for your body? Do not use your actual face cream on your body, slather this body butter on instead. It is suitable for every skin type, especially dry skin. Apply it and you will notice a difference on your scaly elbows and knees.

3. Daily Lotion ($14.99, Skinfix)Skinfix Daily Lotion

Do you want a lightweight body lotion that won’t compete with your perfume? This is the one for you. It is 98% natural and combines sunflower, jojoba and grape seed for superior moisturization.

4. Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie ($35.95, LUSH)LUSH Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie

This is one smoothie that you will not want to drink. This is a smoothie for you body. It contains moisturizing cocoa butter and almond oil with neroli, jasmine and Turkish rose for an epic shower experience.

5. Almond Smoothing and Beautifying Supple Oil ($46, L’Occitane)L'Occitane Almond Smoothing Oil

This is a body oil that is hard to resist. It contains almost 50% almond oil to restore your skin. It melts into your skin for long-lasting hydration without leaving a sticky residue. Yes, it smells like delicious almonds.

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