12 Candles That Will Make Your Place Smell Amazing

CandlesIf you are a perfume lover, you probably have a vanity (and bathroom counter and cupboard) filled with fragrances. However, on your average day you cannot wear more than one scent, unless you get creative and start mixing them. Even then you cannot possibly wear every scent you own. If you want a way to add some more fragrance into your life, try a candle. Sometimes we forget about candles and it a shame. They are the perfume for your place. Plus, the are luxurious and they give you a few extra home decor points.

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Here are 12 candles that will make your place smell incredible:

1. Jo Malone French Lime Blossom Scented Home Candle ($65, Nordstrom)Jo Malone Lime Candle

If you love Jo Malone‘s colognes, you will love its candles. The lime blossom candle has a refreshing scent that will transport you to the spring. Plus, take a look at how gorgeous the packaging is.

2. Chamomile and Fig Apothecary Glass Candle ($19, Paddywax)Paddywax Chamomile Fig Candle

This beautiful soy wax candle looks like something you would find on a shelf in an ancient apothecary thanks to the amber glass bottle. The artisan candle contains notes of fig and chamomile and it is hand poured into the bottle.

3. Vanilla Bean Marshmallow 3-Wick Candle ($15, Bath and Body Works)Vanilla Bean Vanilla Marshmallw Candle

Why have a single wick candle when you can one with three wicks? This warming vanilla bean and marshmallow one is perfect for winter. You can get between 25 and 45 hours of delicious burning from it.

4. Wasabi Pear Candle ($40, Nest)Nest Wasabi Pear Candle

Just like with your perfumes, you can find candles with interesting scent combinations. Take this wasabi pear one. You may not have thought to eat wasabi and pear together, but it works in a candle.

5. Sugar Lemon Scented Candle ($55, Fresh)Fresh Sugar Lemon Candle

If you’re looking for something zesty but a bit sweet, this candle will make a great addition to any room. The lead-free wick produces an even-burning flame that can last for around 50 hours.

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