The 12 Korean Beauty Products You Will Want to Buy Just for the Cute Packaging Alone

Cute Korean Beauty ProductsThe importance of beauty product packaging should not be underestimated. You have probably made a judgement about beauty products based solely on the packaging before you have even taken the lid off. Korean beauty products don’t just standout for their innovative formulas, they also separate themselves for their adorable packaging. Unlike some things that are all pretty and no substance, K-beauty products expertly combine adorable bottles with the latest formulas and ingredients. Why shouldn’t a superhero wrinkle cream come in an adorable package with a dog on the front?

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Take a look at 12 Korean beauty products you will want just for the sweet packaging:

1. Dinoplatz Lip Balm in #1 Spilled Wine ($15, Too Cool For School)Too Cool For School Dinoplatz

Here’s your proof that spilled wine can be a great thing. This lip balm has a jelly cushion texture that hydrates lips and plumps fine lines. The collection has five different lip balms with different packages. You will want to collect them all.

2. May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser ($30, Glow Recipe)May Island Bubbel Bean Cleanser

Think of these magical beans as the cleanser version of the Guerlain Meteorites. The different colored beans target different skin care concerns from dryness to unevenness. Select one bean from the mason jar, add some water and roll it into your hands until it becomes foamy. Then apply it to your face.

3. Macaron Lip Balm ($10, It’s Skin)IT's Skin Lip Balm

This lippy looks good enough to eat but note that it is meant strictly for your lips, not for your mouth. It is formulated with fruit extracts and vitamins to make your kisser super soft. This pink one smells like strawberries. It's Skin Lip Balm Open

4. Mizon No.1 Moist King’s Berry Cream ($32, Peach & Lily)Mizon Berry Cream

Have you ever had a cream with a lipsick-wearing ape on it before? You probably haven’t had one formulated with chokeberries, either. The formula adds a boost of hydration, brightens skin and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines.

5. 10-Piece Nivolea 3D Dog Mask Pack ($20, Soko Glam)Nivolea Dog Mask

There are lots of sheet masks out there, but have you ever tried one with a dog on the package? If you think that is cute, just wait until you see the actual mask. It really does have that dog print on it. Who said that you cannot have a bit of fun while masking?

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