13 Underlights Hair Color Ideas That Are Cooler Than Anything From The 2000′s

Underlights blue and PurpleWhen you think about underlights, you probably have flashbacks to yourself in the 2000′s decked out in a flippy Abercrombie & Fitch skirt and slogan tee with zebra stripe-like hair. You thought it was the definition of cool to have the under layers of your hair completely contrast the ones on top. Times have changed. You may cringe when you think about the look now, but don’t completely forget about the look. The new underlights hair colors may have you considering trying the look once again. Our old underlights have been given a modern rainbow makeover. If you do not want the commitment of a full head of unicorn hair, or you couldn’t get away with that look in your conservative office, some well-placed underlights are the solution. That’s the reason they are now also being called “secret rainbow hair.”

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Check out 12 modern underlights hair color ideas:

1. Purple and Pink UnderlightsUnderlights Purple and Pink

There is no need to worry about complicated updos when you have underlights. No matter what hairstyle you create, it will look that much prettier thanks to your secret hair color. This magenta and purple color combo is great for brunettes.

2. Teal UnderlightsUnderlights Turquoise

Multicolored underlights are a popular look, but using one color can be just as pretty. The teal against the black is striking.

3. Pink and Blue UnderlightsUnderlights Pink and Blue

Is there a version of pink and blue hair that doesn’t look bad? Don’t think so. Wear your hair in a high half-up hairstyle to show off this rainbow look.

4. Blue and Yellow Underlights With Pink HairUnderlights Rainbow COral

You do not need to dye the entire underside of your hair. A couple of thick streaks will do the trick. These blue and yellow ones will peek out from under the pink hair when you move your head.

5. Pastel Rainbow Underlights With Gray HairUnderlights Pastel Rainbow

This look ticks off so many hair color trends making it perfect for indecisive people. If you already have silver hair, make the look feel new again with some soft rainbow underlights.

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