The 13 Prettiest Pieces of Gemstone Jewelry for Under $200

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Happy Jewel Day! If you’re a jewelry lover, you will know that it is a holiday and not something we’re making up. You have full permission to open up your jewelry box and spend the day admiring all your necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. If you suddenly decide that your collection is missing something, one of these gemstone pieces would make a lovely addition. They’re pretty, classic and cost under $200.

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Take a look at 13 stunning pieces of gemstone jewelry for under $200:

1. Pear-Shaped Citrine Honey Bee 14 CT Gold Vermeil Pendant ($109, Zales)Jewelry Zales Citrine Pendant

This pendant is absolutely beeutiful. Sorry. There are lots of interesting gemstone shapes, but they cannot compete with this setting designed to reassemble a honey bee.

2. Sofia B 4 1/2 CT TW Green Amethyst and Tsvaorite Sterling Silver Ring ($140.95, Ice)Jewelry Ice Sofia B Ring

There is something a bit moody and mysterious about this color combination and setting that makes this ring all the more appealing. If you’re not familiar with tsvaorite, you will want to be after seeing the green stones encircling the larger green amethyst.

3. Victoria Townsend Blue Topaz 10 CT TW Sterling Silver Stud Earrings ($100, Macy’s)Jewelry Victoria Townsend Earrings

If you have ever said that stud earrings are boring, you are going to want to retract that statement after taking a look at these multidimensional blue topaz earrings. The delicate marquise-cut blue topaz give the earrings a vintage-inspired look.

4. Peridot Bracelet With Diamond Accents ($159, Kay Jewelers)Jewlery Kay Peridot Bracelet

You get peridots and diamonds on this sterling silver bracelet. The silver with the bright green is a refreshing color combination.

5. Anna Beck Stone Stud Earrings ($125, Nordstrom)Jewelry Anna Beck Stone Stud Earrings

These semiprecious stone earrings are eye-catching thanks to the braided vermeil trim. However, they are still versatile enough to wear every day. They are handmade in Bali by Anna Beck.

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