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Party Favors: Glam Grannys Show Us Who’s Boss

Party Favors: Glam Grannys Show Us Who's Boss

These glam Grannys put our whippersnapper fashion to shame. -The Frisky

There’s a new Baldwin on the scene and she’s modeling for FCUK. -Bustle

A fishtail braid is too vague, try a lobster tail hair twist instead. -HuffPo Style

Your mind is going to be blown when you realize all the ways to use Q-Tips. -StyleList

A simple and chic low bun is the cutest party accessory. -Divine Caroline

The weather controls our libido whether we like it or not. -YourTango

Combat your soon to be chapped lips with this fab french lip balm. -Refinery29

Breast implants sound like a fine idea until you hear about them exploding. -The Stir

You can’t afford a new fall wardrobe so learn how to transition. -Divine Caroline

(Photo: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock)