• Wed, Jan 19 2011

This Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Photo Is Surprisingly Safe For Work

Here are some things you may now carry with you forever:

-Victoria’s Secret Angel and sometimes-even-legit-high-fashion-model Miranda Kerr and her husband Legolas… had a baby. That baby’s name is Flynn Kerr-Greenleaf.

-He was huge (over 9 lbs!)

-He came into this world without sweet, sweet painkillers.

-He suckles.

-He is suckling in this photo.



I guess I’ll always think it’s kind of weird to post super-intimate photos to Twitter (will this sentence haunt me?) but at least she looks way pretty.

(via dListed)

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  • Eileen

    You forget “she looks way pretty and Flynn looks way cute” – he’s adorable!

  • Katie

    I thought the picture was lovely! But 9 pounds… whew.

  • Amanda Ernst

    It took me awhile to get the Greenleaf joke — am I the only one who didn’t know that was Legolas’ last name? — but when I did I laughed for a long time. Well played.

  • ellie

    Orlando Bloom; way better twitter husband than Russell Brand.

  • L

    Oh. She’s married to Orlando Bloom and he played Legolas I GET IT YOU FUNNY PERSON.

  • mel

    super cute, and i think miranda looks very gorgeous in this picture….

  • Ewa

    I was 10. Thanks God for C-section.

    She looks strikingly beautiful. Also, I want a robe (bathrobe?) like this one:)