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Party Favors: MAC Is Going Vintage Glam

Party Favors: MAC Is Going Vintage Glam

MAC’s latest fashion collaboration is vintage and fabulous. -Refinery29

Admit it, one of the best parts of Boy Meets World was Shawn’s hair. -Bustle

Sarah Jessica Parker debuts 2nd shoe line, SATC lovers rejoice. -StyleList

There were some weird side effects of the Fifty Shades of Grey craze. -YourTango

Macy’s is finally paying up after racial profiling charge. -The Frisky

Not sure where to start on your fall wardrobe? Worry no more! -HuffPo Style

Is your hair style lacking in the whimsical department? Try a ribbon. -Divine Caroline

The new phone-charging bracelet is a must have for the tech-obsessed. -HuffPo Style

There’s now a clear platform sandal that you can put stuff in. Really. -The Stir

(Photo: Instagram.com/prabalgurung)