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Isn’t It Great That Lupita Nyong’o Is A Safe Choice For People’s Most Beautiful?

Isn't It Great That Lupita Nyong'o Is A Safe Choice For People's Most Beautiful?

Even though everyone I’ve talked to is super excited for Lupita Nyong‘o that she was named Peoples Most Beautiful Person this year, not a lot of people were very surprised. I mean think about it — Lupita was the obvious choice. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the film that won Best Picture this year, we’ve been jizzing over her outfits ever since she first set foot on the red carpet for awards season…and oh yeah, she’s completely stunning. It was kind of a foregone conclusion that she’d win. More »

Party Favors: We Want All Of Kate’s Clothes

Party Favors: We Want All Of Kate's Clothes

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10 Gluten-Free Celebs Who Will Make People With Gluten Allergies Feel Like Rock Stars

10 Gluten-Free Celebs Who Will Make People With Gluten Allergies Feel Like Rock Stars

These days, a diet sans gluten can seem like a fancy accessory–like a Birkin bag for the body, despite the fact that loads of people actually cannot consume gluten for health purposes. Having to restrict your diet due to allergies can feel pretty isolating, so it’s nice to know that even the rich and the famous have wheat allergies or Celiac Disease too. More »