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‘The A List’ Recap: I Need a Mainetervention

'The A List' Recap: I Need a Mainetervention

The A List isn’t on Thanksgiving vacation after all. So, consequently, that means I’m not either. On the bright side, it’s probably meant to be, because there’s real-time breaking news to report about Reichen. His autobiography, a 350-plus page-turner called Here’s What We’ll Say: Growing Up, Coming Out and the US Air Force has been adapted into a screenplay. And wait, there’s more: Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and Twilight’s Taylor Lautner are said to be among the top picks to play Reichen. Though they’re fine choices, I’d be shocked if his ego allowed anyone other than himself to play himself. But in either case, the whole idea sounds pretty much like a mile-high Brokeback Mountain (which I fell asleep watching in the theater anyway) with far less intriguing actors. It’s a fail you can add to my mistake along with the laundry list of atrocities witnessed in this week’s wreckage. More »

Mirit Weinstock: Fashion Designer On the Front Line

Mirit Weinstock: Fashion Designer On the Front Line

The Middle East has enough battles to fight without fashion needing to be one of them. Within this dry stretch of land lies a place with a much freer and sluttier sense of style that includes midriff-baring wedding dresses and underwear at the beach. It’s called Israel.

I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that while my people could invent the theory of relativity and Google Instant, they were entirely incapable of designing a decent dress. Then that all changed – and Tel Aviv-based designer Mirit Weinstock is the reason why. I caught a glimpse of her collection at a small SoHo shindig a few weeks ago, and Weinstock’s shimmery silk dresses and handmade jewelry strewn on haphazardly hair-bunned models served as the evening’s main course. The whole thing could have easily taken a disastrous turn toward dowdy. But it didn’t. That left me intrigued enough to have a word with her on everything from career and Israel’s track record of sinful style to some of the challenges faced by designers outside of major fashion capitals. More »

‘The A List’ Recap: A Show to Truly be Thankful For

'The A List' Recap: A Show to Truly be Thankful For

’ve been ceremoniously announcing the A-List’s farewell for about a week now and everyone, without exception, has replied “Already?” [Editor's note: Including me.] I had fully expected a handful of “Thank G-d”s or at least a few “Finally”s, based on the general feedback received thus far from a non-random sampling of five friends. So, that got me thinking. Victims of Time Warner or other such crappy cable providers that have access to the A-List and actually watch it probably claim to hate it on the outside. But on the inside, the story is quite the opposite. In short, I’ve learned there’s a shred of fake in all of us – only more so if you’re an A-lister. More »