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Strippers Look At The GOP Convention As A Huge Business Opportunity

Strippers Look At The GOP Convention As A Huge Business Opportunity

The GOP convention is an important event for the politicians involved, the party in general and the convention. It is also really important for the stripping community of Tampa. It is a huge business opportunity and a confirmation of every dirty old man stereotype. Strip clubs are counting on the GOP convention to ‘make it rain’ for a whole week, according to an extremely long and detailed article on Republicans and their affection for strip clubs on CNN. But the impending hurricane as well as strict warnings and adviser bans for members of the GOP could turn that rain into a drizzle. More »

‘I Became My Close Friend’s Boss’: Five True Stories

âI Became My Close Friendâs Bossâ: Five True Stories

We often think of work and personal life as distinctly separate arenas. Sure, we may have work friends or work “husbands,” but they aren’t our real friends and lovers. But once in a while the worlds of friendship and work intersect for real. If you recommend a close friend for a job, for instance, or two close friends start a business together, you’ll be working in close proximity to people you have relationships with IRL. Here are four true stories from people who became a close friend’s boss, and one in which a boss became a close friend. In one of these stories, work drama killed the friendship. In another, the job ended. But others have happier endings, in which friendship makes work more fun and rewarding.
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Sarah Tressler Tells Us Why You Should Never Fire A Stripper With A Journalism Degree

Sarah Tressler Tells Us Why You Should Never Fire A Stripper With A Journalism Degree

Though being a journalist is an extremely exciting and rewarding career, it ain’t a lucrative one. But most typical young journalists just accept that they will not be the richest of their friends and make due. But Sarah Tressler isn’t your typical journalist. While working as a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, Sarah began moonlighting as a stripper to bring in some extra income. When a rival newspaper revealed her second job, she was fired from the paper. Sarah says editors let her go because she didn’t list stripping on her job application. But in Houston, like in Vegas, strippers aren’t employees. They’re independent contractors. They pay clubs to let them strip, then they keep tips. More »

Corporette’s Kat Griffin Says Don’t Let Stilettos Hold Back Your Career

Corporetteâs Kat Griffin Says Donât Let Stilettos Hold Back Your Career

A few years ago when Kat Griffin, founder of the work fashion blog Corporette, was working as a litigator for a Wall Street firm she noticed a major problem. She loved reading fashion blogs and magazines but she found that the advice they were giving when it came to what to wear to work was really off and not practical. “They were like ‘Here is how to wear gladiator sandals to an interview’ and I was just thinking, what world do these people live in? Or they were trying to get me to spend $80 on a t-shirt that I can’t even wear to work.” Kat said this is where the idea for a blog that would help people who for the majority of their lives have to dress corporately came in. “I just said, ‘Why is no one writing for me?’ When you’re a young working woman, your paycheck primarily goes to clothes for work, clothes for working out and clothes for going out so an $80 t-shirt or gladiator sandals didn’t really have a place in my life. This was not a part of my budget.” And so Corporette was born. More »

Could Dressing Too Well For Work Actually Hurt Your Career?

Could Dressing Too Well For Work Actually Hurt Your Career?

On this site we are always talking about how important it is to dress well for work. According to a new infographic from Highest Paying Careers, 65% of bosses say that dress could be the deciding factor between two similar job candidates. But could dressing too well ever hurt you? For example, let’s say you are in an entry-level job and having been trying to get promoted. Now, hopefully, you haven’t used need more money as an excuse because that might hurt you when you come in every day with a Louis Vuitton Speedy and Christian Louboutin heels. A totally clueless boss may not notice but, if he or she doesn’t then your coworkers will and they may wonder why you should be promoted over them, because you clearly don’t need the money (even if that may not be the case.) We talked to some women who felt that their expensive wardrobes may have hurt their careers. More »

‘I Have To Work With My Ex Everyday’

âI Have To Work With My Ex Everydayâ

With 38% of workers saying they have dated a co-worker at least once over the course of their career and 17% reporting they dated co-workers at least twice, there are inevitable going to be some relationships that don’t go well. But even though the relationship is over, guess what isn’t? Your job. You still have to show up everyday and work with this person. “Whether you’re dating someone higher-up or a colleague at the same level, office romances are always tricky,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder. We talked to some people who had to work with their ex everyday. More »

Executive Suite: Tory Burch Foundation ED Terri McCullough Says You Have To Know Your Power

Executive Suite: Tory Burch Foundation ED Terri McCullough Says You Have To Know Your Power

When you hear the words Tory Burch what usually comes to mind is bright, preppy colors, ballet flats and trendy totes. But what should really come to mind is female entrepreneurs. Besides being a massively successful clothing designer, Tory Burch has decided to share her entrepreneur passions with other women through the Tory Burch Foundation. Launched in 2009 to help women and their families in the U.S., it empowers women entrepreneurs through microfinance and mentoring, enabling them to start and grow their own businesses. More »

‘I Quit My Job Because Of Mean Girls’: 4 True Stories

âI Quit My Job Because Of Mean Girlsâ: 4 True Stories

Will we ever be able to escape mean girls? According to research, probably not. Though we are physically out of high school we are now in the workplace which, in some ways, is just like high school except with more money and an HR department. We know girls can be so mean in high school that the ones who are victims are often inconsolable and scarred for life. Though these stories do make for great entertainment (Mean Girls, The Heathers, 13 Going on 30, Never Been Kissed, Suburgatory, The Bachelorette, Men at Work) it is not as funny when it happens in the real workplace. Some women are so bullied by other women at work that they actually feel like quitting their job is the only solution. We talked to some women who said they were forced to leave their jobs because of mean girls in the office. More »

‘I Downplay My Career For The Sake Of My Relationship’

âI Downplay My Career For The Sake Of My Relationshipâ

Do some women downplay their career success or ambition for the sake of their relationship? In some relationships, career competition can be a major point of tension. We haven’t taken a poll, but it seems that men may be more threatened by a driven women than the opposite. We decided to talk to some women who feel they have had to do this to save their relationships.

In the past few months we have been bombarded with studies telling us women are the richer sex, are going to make all the money in the next 25 years and that we don’t even need men anymore to have children or just be happy. Heck some women are marrying themselves! But are all these women going to be single because their career ambition will ruin their relationships? More »

Crying At Work: For Some, It Can Be A Powerful Tool

Crying At Work: For Some, It Can Be A Powerful Tool

We have been taught that it is bad to cry at work. It makes us look weak, unstable, out of control and too in touch with our feminine emotions. Crying at work is often considered career suicide. But for some, crying at work can actually be a powerful tool, if they only use it rarely and strategically. In fact, crying can actually help people in their careers. We talked to some people about this. More »

Now Women Are Calling In Sick To Work For ‘Fat Days’ And ‘Bad Hair Days’

Now Women Are Calling In Sick To Work For âFat Daysâ And âBad Hair Daysâ

According to The Daily Mail, some women have such self-esteem and body issues that they can’t even bring themselves to go to work. More than nine out ten women (92%) said they continually doubt their looks, and some admitted to calling in sick to work on ‘fat days’, because they couldn’t bear to see colleagues. The participants in the study admitted that “bad hair days” or “fat days” impacted on their performance at work, and 6% even admitted to even phoning in sick as a result. More »

‘I Was Sent Home From Work Because Of My Outfit’

âI Was Sent Home From Work Because Of My Outfitâ

Dress codes in the office have changed a lot over the years. Historians say it was in the 1960s that the rules for what to wear began to disintegrate. But there are still some employers that are very set in their ways and always expect a certain uniform in the workplace which not everyone is aware of or wants to believe, especially when it is 85 degrees outside. Can you imagine being sent home from work on a hot summer day because you weren’t wearing pantyhose? Well, this has actually happened. We talked to some people who were sent from work because of their outfit.

What is appropriate in an office has changed a lot since those glamorous Mad Men days. The concept of business casual didn’t really exist back then. There was dressed for work and then dressing for work if you worked in a lumber yard. There are still some industries (law, finance) that are very strict and old-fashioned requiring suits for men and nylons with skirts for women with no open-toed shoes. More »

Are Female Fashion Designers At A Disadvantage Because They Aren’t As Social As Men?

Are Female Fashion Designers At A Disadvantage Because They Arenât As Social As Men?

A few weeks ago Nicole Phelps of asked why aren’t there more successful female fashion designers in New York? It seemed like an odd question considering that when most of us think of fashion we think of women. But actually Phelps pointed out that though fashion seems like a more female friendly industry it is actually another boys’ club. A more glamorous, satin-adorned boys’ club but a boys’ club none the less. At the CFDA Awards last June the prizes were given out to 18 men and three women. The stats are similar for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. And yet, 85% of Parsons’ student body is made up of women. So why are the women not getting the glory as designers? According to Phelps, women may be at a disadvantage because they aren’t as social as their male peers and this may be holding them back. We decided to talk to some women and men in the industry and see if this was really the case. More »