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Doing The Cooking And Cleaning Doesn’t Mean You’re Not A Feminist

Doing The Cooking And Cleaning Doesnât Mean Youâre Not A Feminist

Feminism comes in many forms. Annoyingly there has been a recent increase in women, particularly B-list celebrities, claiming they aren’t feminists, as though declaring yourself as someone who doesn’t give a crap about their own rights is just another trend to jump on like eating kale or doing SoulCycle. But feminism, like ice cream, comes in many flavors. Choosing to assume a traditional gender roles doesn’t automatically mean you need to identify as an anti-feminist. More »

Science Mom: Vagina Maintenance For Dummies (And Everyone Else)

Science Mom: Vagina Maintenance For Dummies (And Everyone Else)

Vaginas! About half of the world has one, and yet referring frankly to one in public tends to have much the same effect as screaming “FIRE!” in a crowded place. Because of the taboo around vagina-talk, there are a lot of misconceptions out there over how to properly care for and maintain one. If you happen to a.) have a vagina, or b.) be the parent of a child who is in possession of a vagina, here’s what you need to know. More »

Yet Another Female Student Sent Home For ‘Inappropriate’ Clothing That Is Not At All Inappropriate

Yet Another Female Student Sent Home For âInappropriateâ Clothing That Is Not At All Inappropriate

Aren’t we all getting tired of hearing about young girls missing out on a day of education for wearing something “inappropriate”? I don’t fault schools for having dress codes but I do fault them for being overly harsh to the detriment of a student’s learning and self-esteem. This time, we have an “offense” so mild I can’t believe an administrator bothered sending her home. If this girl’s outfit is inappropriate, then I should never be seen in public because it’s something I wear all the time. More »

New Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad Shames Women Who Don’t Choose To Feel Beautiful

New Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad Shames Women Who Donât Choose To Feel Beautiful

Imagine this scenario: you’re on your way to a store or restaurant to catch up on some shopping or grab a cup of coffee. But over the doors to the place you’re trying to go, you see a pair of labels, one that says “Beautiful” and the other that says “Average”. You have to pass through one of them if you want to go buy that pair of jeans or chug that mocha latte. Oh, and the company that put them there? It did that because it’s worried you don’t have enough self-esteem. More »

Mind Over Mommy: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Mind Over Mommy: Self-Care Isn't Selfish

If you look up self-care and mental health on the internet, you’ll get a pretty muddled definition. You’ll find articles with images of beautiful women in bubble baths or doing yoga at sunrise in tropical locales. These articles will talk about manicures, spa days, wine, and treating yourself. At some point, they’ll discuss meditation and mindfulness practices, and just like so much literature from the fitness industry, they’ll present an unrealistic and unattainable image of what fulfilled motherhood and womanhood look like. More »

5 Body Love Rules I’m Teaching My Kids

5 Body Love Rules I'm Teaching My Kids

Instilling confidence in kids and teaching them to love and respect their bodies when the world gives them so many reasons to do the opposite is tough. I’m an eating disorder survivor, so body image is an exceptionally tricky subject for me, but also something I’m extremely passionate about. Here are some things I’m teaching my kids to help them love their bodies. More »

10 Reasons Husbands Shouldn’t Be Helping Their Wives With The Housework

10 Reasons Husbands Shouldn't Be Helping Their Wives With The Housework

Periodically, lists of reasons men should generously consider pitching in to help their wives with housework make the rounds on the Intertubes, and periodically, I find myself dry heaving while reading them. Here’s the latest one making a splash on Tumblr (to Tumblr’s general scorn). It’s full of helpful ideas, such as the proposition that helping out around the house will help you unleash your stifled creativity, or that your wife will be so overcome with gratitude that she will probably sex you up immediately. Sure, pal! More »

It’s Time To Stop Pretending Secondhand Smoke Isn’t Child Abuse

Itâs Time To Stop Pretending Secondhand Smoke Isnât Child Abuse

Many people struggle with an addiction to smoking cigarettes and parents aren’t immune. As difficult as it may be for non-smokers to understand, quitting the habit doesn’t suddenly become easier just because you find out you’re pregnant or become a parent. Lots of people still light up around their kids, even though they’re well aware of the studies that prove it’s damaging not just for them, but also for their children. The question is, does that constitute abuse? More »

Have Baby, Will Exercise: If You Want To Be Healthy, Don’t Diet

Have Baby, Will Exercise: If You Want To Be Healthy, Donât Diet

You don’t have to eat healthy in order to exercise and there’s nothing wrong with rewarding a particularly tough workout with a bowl of ice cream. But maintaining a healthy body weight can improve your overall health, and achieving that goal is easier if you both work out and are mindful about what you eat. Plus, if you’re working up a sweat on a regular basis you may find that you have more energy to get through the day when you eat nutritious foods. More »

A Ranking Of Easter Candy From Delicious To Disgusting

A Ranking Of Easter Candy From Delicious To Disgusting

Sure, those treats the Easter bunny brings for your children are technically for them. But sharing is an important lesson for kids to learn, so you want candies everyone will enjoy in their baskets come Easter morning. In case you aren’t done shopping for Easter basket goodies and aren’t sure what sweets to include, here’s a ranking of Easter candy from best to worst. More »

Buying Clothes Is Not Fun When Your Daughter Looks Older Than She Is

Buying Clothes Is Not Fun When Your Daughter Looks Older Than She Is

Having a daughter to buy clothes for is supposed to be fun. According to friends of mine with all boys, I am “lucky” to be able to pick out girl outfits. I partly agree — it was fun, until the last year or so. Sadly, my daughter is starting to look much older than her seven years would suggest. Now, I have a whole new set of criteria for what I’m ok with her wearing and it’s made shopping for her not as much fun as it’s supposed to be. More »