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Ready-To-Click: Pocket Monsters

Ready-To-Click: Pocket Monsters

Pokemon meets high fashion. -The Daily Beast

Fashion inspired by Anna Karenina. -College Fashion

Winter steals from $15 at Gilt. -The Budget Babe

Michelle Obama’s DNC dress now for sale. -HuffPost Style

Tiffany heart-necklaces are safe again. -The Cut

A new way to shop online. -The High Low

Fashion news predictions for 2013. -Refinery29

Does wearing makeup affect your self-esteem? -Birchbox

Stylish winter workout clothes. -YouBeauty

Jewel tones for every occassion. -StyleList

Kate Moss makes her Givenchy debut. -Fashionista

Single Paragraph Reviews of Board Games (For A Rainy Post-Hurricane Day)

 Single Paragraph Reviews of Board Games (For A Rainy Post-Hurricane Day)

So I’ve been pretty bored these past couple days, what with the hurricane. I have some serious cabin fever.  Yesterday, though, I did have a couple of friends who braved the storm and walked two blocks from their apartment to mine, in order to play board games with me and my boyfriend. This is why I love board games; they bring people together (as long as everyone has the right attitude). So here’s a review of some of my favorite games, as well as my all time least favorite game in the world. More »

8 Things I Learned Working For An Artist

8 Things I Learned Working For An Artist

I first met The Painter in my interview. I knocked on the door of her apartment and heard someone shout “come in” over loud vibratos of Edith Piaf. Cigarette smoke was practically seeping out from beneath the door. I opened the door, and through the dense puffs saw an elderly woman with thin orange hair, a Chinese silk robe, and a red Solo cup in hand. Brown lipstick was smeared all over the bottom half of her face, and her breath smelled like an odd combination of vodka and sherbet. The walls were covered in enormous paintings of planets, which I later learned were called “Spacescapes.” And the place was a mess. More »