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‘Harry Potter’ Lingerie Should Not Exist

'Harry Potter' Lingerie Should Not Exist

I’ll be the first to admit I love Harry Potter and everything about it. I’ll even admit that I will probably download that spells app on my iPhone within the next few days (since it’s free for the time being) after I quit contemplating how it will define my geekiness. But now that Warner Bros. has trademarked the term “quidditch” to the infinite degree, I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility of quidditch lingerie. More »

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned at The Gloss

Valuable Lessons I've Learned at The Gloss

Since my first interview with Lilit in August when we discussed Clueless and slap bracelets, I knew my time as an intern at The Gloss would be an extraordinary opportunity. Over the past few months I have learned more than I could ask for about the blogging community, fashion, entertainment and all kinds of relationships (romantic, office, friendly and unfriendly). But other than what I’ve learned through reading billions of articles on the web a week and attending events, the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are the ones the editors, Lilit, Jennifer and Ashley, have taught me as I’ve sat here across this giant wooden table from them. More »

‘The Sex Squad’ Actually Teaches Kids About Safe Sex

'The Sex Squad' Actually Teaches Kids About Safe Sex

The only thing I remember about my sex education course in high school (also known just as “health” to avoid course naming controversy in public school) was that I was partnered up with a guy friend to make a poster about crabs and it was torturously embarrassing. I also remember that I signed up to take it as a summer course so I wouldn’t have to sit through listening to my gym teacher during the slow-moving school year lecture about how if you have sex “you will get chlamydia and you will die.” What we actually learned, I don’t really remember. I’m pretty sure Hollywood and the news have educated me more about safe sex than those six weeks during the summer I was 15. More »

Your Love is Not My Drug: Why I Prefer Advil to Romance

Your Love is Not My Drug: Why I Prefer Advil to Romance

Everyone keeps talking about how being in love can cure pain. There’s all these studies that have come out recently making claims that love produces hormones and some other chemical mumbo jumbo that replace feelings of pain, hurt and agony. A recent YourTango article looks into these studies and suggests that maybe romantic love can replace painkillers. Well, I’m looking into these studies and I suggest that romantic love can never replace painkillers. I’m not talking about being addicted to painkillers. I’m talking about how romantic love can never have the success rate of painkillers such as ibuprofen, and more specifically Advil. It’s not that I don’t think falling in love isn’t great, because it is. But when you’re in pain, Advil is a more dependable, viable painkiller than romantic love. More »

‘Out of Annapolis’ Chronicles Lives of LGBT Naval Academy Alumni

'Out of Annapolis' Chronicles Lives of LGBT Naval Academy Alumni

This past summer, Out of Annapolis, a film that tells the stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender alumni of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., debuted at film festivals across the country. The film, directed by Naval Academy alum Steven Clark Hall, documents the lives of 11 LGBT individuals who graduated from the Academy and their experiences in the military. More »

10 Thanksgiving Housewarming Gifts Under $10

10 Thanksgiving Housewarming Gifts Under $10

I don’t know if you knew this, but you’re about to be spending a lot of time at other people’s houses next week. It’s the week of Thanksgiving, peeps and you’re gonna need some housewarming gifts. Even if you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your own home, you’re still going to somehow end up at your mom’s or your brother’s sister-in-law’s house for an impromptu brunch. And, showing up empty handed to a holiday gathering feels like walking around with your dress tucked into your underwear: unbeknownst to you, you’re humiliating yourself and everyone hates you for being so stupid and rude. And because you’re tight on cash, here are some super cheap gift ideas. More »