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Why I Hate Fashion’s Night Out

Why I Hate Fashion's Night Out

Fashion’s Night Out is this Thursday, and the inbox here at Gloss HQ is overflowing with press releases about store openings, celebrity appearances, and drink specials. As a lover of all things fashion, this is supposed to be all eight days of Hanukkah wrapped up in one. But every time I think about what I want to spend Thursday night doing, it involves hiding in my room. More »

7 Things About the Fashion Industry I Learned from Tyra Banks’ ‘Modelland’

7 Things About the Fashion Industry I Learned from Tyra Banks' 'Modelland'

After I read a sample of Tyra Banks‘ new novel Modelland a few weeks ago, I thought it sounded like a fashion-themed ripoff of The Hunger Games. However, I got my hands on a copy of the full text, which comes out on September 13, and think there’s a lot more going on that just one plotline that reminds me of Suzanne Collins‘ hugely successful trilogy. The book is also a gateway into the mind of Tyra herself, and there’s a lot to be gleaned from peeking into her – or her ghostwriter’s – psyche. But what did it teach me about being a model? More »

So Your Scalp Is Red: 5 Beauty Tips for Sunburned Skin

So Your Scalp Is Red: 5 Beauty Tips for Sunburned Skin

Did you spend Labor Day at the pool or at the beach? I did, but as a fair-skinned individual I made a crucial mistake while snorkeling: not putting suncsreen on my head. As a result, I now have a bright red scalp that burns like hell. What can you do if the top of your head is sunburned – besides investing in hats, of course? These five tips will help you on your way toward recovery. More »

Video: Conan O’Brien Gets In on the Celebrity Fragrance Trend

Video: Conan O'Brien Gets In on the Celebrity Fragrance Trend

It seems like one of the requirements to be a celebrity today is having a signature fragrance – everyone from Fergie to Keith Urban to a bunch of other people I wouldn’t want to smell like has one. So why not Conan O’Brien? Evidently, Coco agreed with me, and he put together this fragrance ad. It has all the hallmarks of a pretentious commercial: black and white, bottle closeups, crying, and random French. More »

Tyra Banks’ Novel ‘Modelland’ Is a Fashion-Inspired ‘Hunger Games’ Knockoff

Tyra Banks' Novel 'Modelland' Is a Fashion-Inspired 'Hunger Games' Knockoff

Tyra Banks’ novel Modelland comes out on September 13. The book is about a fictional world where families push their daughters to compete for the chance to be taken to a place called, well, Modelland. There, the girls learn to become “Intoxibellas,” which are probably a mix of geishas and superheroes. The first chapter is up on Barnes and Noble’s website, and I couldn’t help but notice how many similarities Modelland has with The Hunger Games. That’s a smart move on Tyra’s part, since the Hunger Games trilogy is the biggest thing in Hollywood right now. So where are the overlaps? More »