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Video Beauty Tips: A How-To With An Eye Makeup Virgin

Video Beauty Tips: A How-To With An Eye Makeup Virgin

Readers, I have a confession to make: I have never, ever put on eye makeup.

I should clarify. I love mascara and wear it a lot. But liner? Shadow? No way. I’ve had my makeup done for a TV appearance or at a makeup counter before, and loved the way that it looked. But I’ve always felt clumsy about doing my own makeup, especially when it comes to eyes. Luckily, the wonderful Amber Katz, who runs Beauty Blogging Junkie, offered to give me a tutorial. More »

Gift Guide: 10 Heart-Shaped Things You’ll Actually Like

Gift Guide: 10 Heart-Shaped Things You'll Actually Like

Every year around Valentine’s Day I say to myself, “Self, if I see another thing shaped like a heart I am going to barf!” And then I usually see fifty more things shaped like hearts, and I usually don’t barf. But if you are sick of buying chocolate shaped hearts, you might love these other slightly more original – and, for the most part, less fattening – goodies instead. More »

Finally, There’s Valentine’s Day Advice for Polyamorists

Finally, There's Valentine's Day Advice for Polyamorists

There are so many etiquette questions related to Valentine’s Day. How much money should I spend on a gift? What’s an appropriate gift for someone you’re only casually dating? And, of course, how do I handle the holiday when I’m in a relationship with multiple people? Luckily, AOL has advice for those of you in polyamorous relationships who want to be untraditional in love but traditional in their observance of arbitrary Hallmark holidays. More »