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PM News: How To DIY Your Very Own Faux Fur Vest

PM News: How To DIY Your Very Own Faux Fur Vest

DIY your own faux fur vest with this super-simple tutorial. -College Fashion

Taylor Swift’s look has changed since she moved to NYC! -Ok! Magazine

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21 celebs you probably didn’t know are vegetarians. -HLNtv

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PM News: How To Wear Skirts Even During Winter

PM News: How To Wear Skirts Even During Winter

Here’s how to wear skirts even when it’s super cold outside. -College Fashion

Kim Kardashian‘s most naked Instagram photos… (There are plenty.) -Ok! Magazine

Bamboo leggings might be your new best friend this winter. -The Frisky

Model Bar Rafaeli‘s abs are PERFECTION. Not surprisingly. -Ok! Magazine

New dressing room mirrors will make you think that you’re skinnier. -The Frisky

The most ridiculous walk of shame stories… (Because they never get old.) -The Berry

Jerry Seinfeld backtracks and clarifies that he does not have autism. -Newser

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PM News: 6 Things To Know Before Changing Your Hair Color

PM News: 6 Things To Know Before Changing Your Hair Color

6 things that you HAVE to know before you change your hair color. -Ok! Magazine

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson accuses Bill Cosby of rape. -HLNtv

These celebrity bridesmaids definitely upstaged the bride. -Ok! Magazine

Outfits under $100 that are PERFECT for Thanksgiving travel. -College Fashion

Here’s how to DRESS like the NARS Holiday 2014 collection. -College Fashion

Braless isn’t a problem (according to the Kardashians anyway). -Ok! Magazine

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AM News: We Need To Talk About Carrie Underwood’s Perfect Pregnancy Style

AM News: We Need To Talk About Carrie Underwood's Perfect Pregnancy Style

Carrie Underwood’s pregnancy style is consistently on point. -The Berry

Winter is coming. Here are the 4 best shoes for the season. -Ok! Magazine

Real talk: would you ever try out a velvet manicure? -College Fashion

6 fabulous nail polish/ring combos to rock this New Year’s Eve. -Ok! Magazine

Attention: Tom Ford is launching a 50-piece lipstick collection! -College Fashion

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15 problems literally all fashionistas have. -College Fashion

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AM News: Sandra Bullock’s New Hairstyle Is Amazing!

AM News: Sandra Bullock's New Hairstyle Is Amazing!

Sandra Bullock debuted a new hairstyle, and it’s GORGEOUS! -Ok! Magazine

Jumpsuits are the perfect day-to-night staple piece. -College Fashion

The average cost of Gwyneth Paltrow’s gift guide is hilariously high. -Newser

6 things you need to know before drastically changing hair colors. -Ok! Magazine

These makeup apps will entertain you for hours. -The Frisky

Need style inspiration? Just watch My Fair Lady! -College Fashion

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PM News: Jennifer Lopez Stuns In A New BodyLab Ad Campaign

PM News: Jennifer Lopez Stuns In A New BodyLab Ad Campaign

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing in her new BodyLab ad campaign! -Ok! Magazine

It’s time to have a discussion about fashion and ethics. -College Fashion

Beyonce has her own category on Jeoparydy. What have you done lately? -The Frisky

The lumbersexual is your new favorite thing in men’s fashion. Trust us. -Newser

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PM News: Why Is Zero Even A Size?

PM News: Why Is Zero Even A Size?

Why is zero even a size? -Bustle

15 pics that highlight Kim Kardashian’s butt even more. -Ok! Magazine

You CAN afford looks from Michael Kors’ 2014 runway show. -College Fashion

You won’t believe what Urban Outfitters is selling now. -Newser

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All you need are a fitted blazer and jeans for a perfect outfit. -College Fashion

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AM News: These Concert Outfits Prove That There’s No One Fiercer Than Beyonce

AM News: These Concert Outfits Prove That There's No One Fiercer Than Beyonce

59 concert outfits that prove that no one, NO ONE, is fiercer than Beyonce. -Bustle

The right way to go braless, as shown by the Kardashians. -Ok! Magazine

These four nail polish shades are perfect for the holiday season. -College Fashion

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AM News: J. Crew Lipsticks. No, We’re Not Joking.

AM News: J. Crew Lipsticks. No, We're Not Joking.

Dreams do come true guys. J. Crew is offering its own collection of lipsticks! -Bustle

You can take these clothes from the gym to the street. -College Fashion

Kelly Clarkson‘s baby girl, River Rose, is too adorable! -OK Magazine

Here are 9 things you actually need to pack for Thanksgiving. -Bustle

Give flannel an update with these outfit ideas! -College Fashion

2014 was definitely a popular year for celebrity babies. -The Berry

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AM News: Style Tips For Wearing Oversized Clothes

AM News: Style Tips For Wearing Oversized Clothes

Shop the oversized trend the right way with these style tips. -The Frisky

OMG! The paparazzi actually mistook North West for Blue Ivy Carter! -Ok! Magazine

Real women talk about how they REALLY feel about Movember. -The Frisky

Teen brand Rue21 is officially introducing plus-size clothing. -Bustle

DIY your own tassels with this super-easy tutorial. -College Fashion

Nasty Gal’s first brick-and-mortar-store is almost here! -Bustle

Everything you need to know about Jay Z‘s new champagne company. -Newser

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PM News: Raining Like There’s No Tomorrow? Here’s How To Dress For That.

PM News: Raining Like There's No Tomorrow? Here's How To Dress For That.

Raining like there’s no tomorrow? Here’s how to dress for that. -College Fashion

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban should get a room! -Popsugar

A couple gets married on a plane. And it’s surprisingly cute! -The Frisky

8 fashion bloggers define what it means to be a feminist. -Bustle

Here are 7 celebs who actually pull off baby bangs. -The Berry

Spotify is trying to woo Taylor Swift. And it’s getting desperate. -HLNtv

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