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Party Favors: Show Your Team Pride With A DIY Game Day Tee

Party Favors: Show Your Team Pride With A DIY Game Day Tee

DIY a game day t-shirt to support your fave football team. -Divine Caroline

It’s getting chilly outside so bring on the cute cozy clothes! -StyleList

These celebs really missed the mark on the red carpet this week. -HuffPo Style

If you’re not rocking chic menswear by October, you need to start ASAP. -The Frisky

Street style stars look the part and you can too with these perfect poses. -Refinery29

Not every woman with a muffin top wants to get rid of it. -YourTango

If you’re a makeup snob, don’t let the haters get you down. -The Stir

Whoa, Club Monaco has some pretty awesome jewelry. Who knew? -Bustle

Get everyone’s attention with these peacock nail designs. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Welcome To The World, Plus-Size High Fashion

Party Favors: Welcome To The World, Plus-Size High Fashion

It’s about time there was a high fashion plus-size runway show. -HuffPo Style

‘One size fits all’ slippers do not apply to women with big feet. -Bustle

The new Marchesa line features the Coachella dress of your dreams. -StyleList

This woman went past human barbie & straight to human sex doll. -The Stir

If your home furnishings are duds, replace them with some studs. -The Frisky

Admit it, butterfly clips will always have a special place in your heart. -Bustle

How to figure out if your “heart shaped face” is actually an oval. -Divine Caroline

If you’re a Sex and The City fan, you’ll want to know these obscure facts. -YourTango

These matching normcore pups are having a barking good time. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: The New Vera Bradley Bags Are Actually Cool

Party Favors: The New Vera Bradley Bags Are Actually Cool

These Vera Bradley bags look very different and that’s a good thing. -HuffPo Style

The latest runway accessory is a single bloody tampon earring. Gross. -Bustle

These work shoes are so much more fun than flats. -Refinery29

A tiny Starbucks bracelet would look great with your pumpkin spice latte. -The Frisky

This easy knotted bun is a cinch during your busy morning routine. -The Stir

This is what it was like to be a hairstylist during NYFW. -HuffPo Style

Green is the color to be seen in this season. -StyleList

Your trust issues are giving you commitment issues, which sucks. -YourTango

These celebs make having curly hair look so easy. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Stop Those Pesky Period Pimples

Party Favors: Stop Those Pesky Period Pimples

It’s time to stop hormonal break outs once and for all. -StyleList

Wear a temporary tattoo to make a lasting impression. -The Stir

If you desire luxury leather stickers for your handbag, you’re in luck. -Bustle

This plus-size clothing collaboration is so on point we could die happy. -Refinery29

You might be striking out online because dudes want younger ladies. -YourTango

Ladies, there ain’t no shame in your A cup game. -Bustle

These weird looks from London Fashion Week are only for the runway. -HuffPo Style

This purse made of recycled dog hair is giving us a hairball. Yuck. -The Frisky

No one likes buyer’s remorse so get it right the first time. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Tights Season Is The Best Season

Party Favors: Tights Season Is The Best Season

Tights season is the best season and you’re wrong if you disagree. -The Frisky

These commuter bags are functional AND fabulous. -Refinery29

You wear your favorite fall boots a lot so learn how to care for them. -StyleList

Tom Ford is going to live stream his London Fashion Week show! -HuffPo Style

This crotchless panties ad photoshopped out the model’s crotch. -Bustle

Don’t rush to the store to get these over-hyped beauty products. -Divine Caroline

Some celeb moms somehow look even better after having their kids. -The Stir

Happy National Singles week! Have fun celebrating alone with your TV. -YourTango

The true test of fashion prowess is nailing the model’s unique name. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: Leave The Bangs To A Professional

Party Favors: Leave The Bangs To A Professional

So, you want to cut your own bangs, eh? That’s a horrible idea. -The Stir

These runway nail art styles are a little too intense for the office. -HuffPo Style

Kendall Jenner calls out photographer for posting a pervy pic of her. -Bustle

Did you have a favorite street style look from NYFW? -Refinery29

Steal Kristen Wiig‘s look and have the best fall wedding guest dress. -StyleList

Hot tools in the morning? Who’s got time for hot tools?! -Divine Caroline

You might want to rethink wearing your false eyelashes to the beach. -The Frisky

If your partner is a straight up narcissist, seek help here. -YourTango

Oh, how we’ve missed you, sweater weather! -StyleList

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Party Favors: Cat Lady Fashion Mag? Sign Us Up!

Party Favors: Cat Lady Fashion Mag? Sign Us Up!

There’s a new cat lady fashion magazine which makes us purrrfectly happy. -Bustle

Palm prints will make you think you’re on vaca even when you’re not. -The Frisky

Jimmy Kimmel‘s latest ‘Lie Witness News’ calls out fake fashionistas. -HuffPo Style

Fight to overpower your constant frizz with these ‘dos. -Refinery29

Start practicing this magnificent Maleficent Halloween makeup. -Divine Caroline

Katy Perry has the perfect cat eye on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. -StyleList

Change up your fall fragrance with a subscription to Scentbird box. -YourTango

An anti-tattoo website is making ink fans pretty pissed. -The Stir

Pack up your sandals and make room for fun fall footwear. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Gaze Into The Eyes Behind Karl’s Sunglasses

Party Favors: Gaze Into The Eyes Behind Karl's Sunglasses

This vintage pic shows us the often unseen eyes of Karl Lagerfeld. -HuffPo Style

The models actually eat at NYFW so we’ve all been living a lie. -Bustle

Keeping your online dating profile PG-13 might get you better matches. – YourTango

In ridiculous and unnecessary products news, there’s now a Selfie Brush. -StyleList

The best dry shampoos to use when you need to hit ‘snooze’. -Divine Caroline

Moms have given up these beauty rituals so enjoy them while you can. -The Stir

Let’s about the embarrassing beauty questions you won’t ask. -Refinery29

Rebecca Minkoff debuted the beachy pastel collection of your dreams. -The Frisky

Start munching on chia seeds if you want a thick, luscious mane. -StyleList


Party Favors: Get Into Gingham

Party Favors: Get Into Gingham

The runway told us gingham is in, so shop this look pronto. -The Frisky

An emphasis on efficiency takes diversity off of the runway. -HuffPo Style

These love quotes could melt even the iciest of hearts. -YourTango

According to NYFW, nail art is still the hottest nail trend. -Refinery29

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s NYC townhouse is so damn fancy. -StyleList

You can use coconut oil a new way for almost every day of the month. -Divine Caroline

Kids trying to pronounce designer names will make you squee with delight. -Bustle

Moms might be hiding some of today’s trends deep in their closets. -The Stir

These street style NYFW bags are going to blow your mind. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: Would You Ditch The Deodorant?

Party Favors: Would You Ditch The Deodorant?

Would you dare to ditch the deodorant for a week? -Refinery29

These celebs sat front row at NYFW while you were at home. -Bustle

Can we all agree that Clueless should have its own makeup line? -Refinery29

These quickie celeb marriages were basically shorter than a manicure. -YourTango

“Nude” colored bras are about to get a lot more inclusive. -The Stir

Wearing black and white is always chic during fashion week. -HuffPo Style

This fall is all about the 60s mod makeup. Groovy, baby! -Divine Caroline

This one goes out to the teens who ask the internet if they’re pretty. -StyleList

Mara Hoffman brought California girl style to New York this week. -The Frisky

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Party Favors: It’s Hard To Look Artfully Disheveled

Party Favors: It's Hard To Look Artfully Disheveled

The trick to looking artfully disheveled is all about the planning. -Refinery29

Lady Gaga looks glamorously fierce in her new perfume ads. -Bustle

Our moms wore PJs to drop us off at school and today’s moms can too. -The Stir

Celebrate Joan Rivers‘ life by checking out her best red carpet looks. -HuffPo Style

Take it from Emma Stone, black and white doesn’t have to be boring. -The Frisky

A simple black nail is cool, but these black nail designs are cooler. -Divine Caroline

Sometimes being a fashion model isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. -Refinery29

Give into your ginger fever and start dating a redhead. -YourTango

Aquamarine, toasted almond, & custard are the “it” colors of fall. -StyleList

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