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Party Favors: Jared Leto Has Gone Full Hipster

Party Favors: Jared Leto Has Gone Full Hipster

There may be no hope for Jared Leto now that he’s gone full hipster. -Bustle

These fall basics will have you looking awesomely Autumn. -Divine Caroline

Did you know that nuns taught Coco Chanel everything she knew? -HuffPo Style

If you’re going all black everything, follow these helpful tips. -StyleList

This creative beauty blogger Instagrams adorable cartoon lip art. -Bustle

This tech makeup of the future is crazy cool, but mostly crazy. -Refinery29

Lily Collins can pull off a casual kimono and so can you. -The Frisky

Tutus are now socially accepted, so don’t shy away if you’re not a ballerina. -The Stir

Apparently couples skip sex because they want to be on their phones. -YourTango

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Party Favors: Gosh Barbie, Pull Yourself Together

Party Favors: Gosh Barbie, Pull Yourself Together

These Barbie dolls obviously got dressed in the dark. -Bustle

Be the guardian of your very own heart galaxy with this nail tutorial. -Divine Caroline

Plus-size denim shopping just got a whole lot easier. -HuffPo Style

If you’re not sure why you’re breaking out, this might come in handy. -StyleList

Today in unnecessary things, check out cookies inspired by perfumes. -Refinery29

The metallic loafers of your dreams don’t have a nightmare price tag. -The Frisky

Drinking vinegar might make you glow like Megan Fox, so drink wisely. -The Stir

Instagrammers are reinventing the hijab in awesome new ways. -Refinery29

Your selfie poses have finally been decoded, prepare for the worst. -YourTango

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Party Favors: These Pretty Bras Should Be Overwear

Party Favors: These Pretty Bras Should Be Overwear

These bras are so pretty they should be overwear and not underwear. -Bustle

The leaked September Vogue cover features models, not celebs. -HuffPo Style

If you want monthly new accessories, sign up for these boxes! -Divine Caroline

J.Crew is officially getting into the perfume game. -StyleList

We’re not over jeans yet and we bet you won’t be any time soon. -Refinery29

After all the shopping, kick back with these yummy cheap wines. -The Frisky

This fall, it’s all about your cutie bootie(s). -StyleList

These multitasking lipsticks are for the super busy ladies. -The Stir

If you get green with envy, cool off with these helpful jealousy cures. -YourTango

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Party Favors: These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Party Favors: These Are Not Your Grandmother's Pearls

Your grandmother wouldn’t be caught dead in these pearls. -The Frisky

Be a human bedazzler and DIY some jeweled mules. -Divine Caroline

Who wants to do the chores when you can just have a manservant? -The Frisky

If you call a woman ”exotic”, it’s not really a compliment. -Refinery29

Wrap one of these sweaters around you and walk into the breezy August night. -Bustle

Could you make it a month without using traditional deodorant? -HuffPo Style

Jump on the Spring App bandwagon, your closet will thank you. -StyleList

Look sexy and cook dinner like only a Victoria’s Secret model could. -The Stir 

You’ll be surprised how many celebs started as strippers. -YourTango

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Party Favors: Hold Onto That Denim Pencil Skirt

Party Favors: Hold Onto That Denim Pencil Skirt

Don’t throw your denim pencil skirt away before you’ve tried these looks. -The Frisky

Cheers to Modcloth for signing a no-photoshop pledge! -Bustle

You’ll never see these bodies on billboards but you should. -HuffPo Style

Men trying on Spanx will remind you why you hate to wear them. -StyleList

There’s a right way and a wrong way to wear black at a wedding. -Refinery29

Try these sweat-proof hairstyles before the chill sets in. -YourTango

The thought of tucking your skirt into your underwear inspires terror. -The Stir

Make this fall all about that bad ass leather jacket. -Divine Caroline

Drink vinegar if you want glowing skin and bad breath. -StyleList

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Party Favors: Become A Fashionable Traveling Aquarium

Party Favors: Become A Fashionable Traveling Aquarium

You can be a traveling human aquarium with a fishbowl backpack. -Bustle

Models sans makeup are still the most gorgeous beings on earth. -HuffPo Style

These celebrity sisters share the same style sensibilities. -StyleList

Lady Gaga‘s second scent Eau De Gaga smells of violet, leather and lime. -Refinery29

All aboard the suede train! Get your heels before leaves start falling. -The Frisky

These Hollywood homewreckers will make you clutch your boo tighter. -YourTango

Jessica Simpson is a bathing suit beauty with a ridiculous flower crown. -The Stir

Oui, of course we want to look chic and French! - Divine Caroline

Homemade Biore Strips are really not worth it if you value your eyebrows. -Bustle

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Party Favors: Life Can Always Be A Wet T-Shirt Contest

Party Favors: Life Can Always Be A Wet T-Shirt Contest

Look like you’re wearing a wet tee-shirt & stay dry if you like that sort of thing. -Bustle

Get the perfect braided headband because real ones are lame. -Divine Caroline

Sophisticated ringlets are possible if you know what you’re doing. -HuffPo Style

Notebooks are cool, but back-to-school shopping is really about clothes. -StyleList

These fancy-looking makeup brushes won’t break the beauty bank. -Refinery29

Take a bite out of life and update your Shark Week wardrobe. -The Frisky

If you’re pregnant, you might want to cut back on antibacterial soaps. -The Stir

Kim and Kanye wear perfect complimentary fashion like none other. -YourTango

Pulling off the tricky statement skirt is possible with the right accessories. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: Make Your LBD Anything But Boring

Party Favors: Make Your LBD Anything But Boring

There’s no reason for you LBD to be so boring. -Divine Caroline

Kate Upton won’t ever pose fully nude so don’t hold your breath. -HuffPo Style

You need these workwear basics before you bust out the pink skirt. -StyleList

Swimsuits are the best when they’re on sale, so get ‘em quick! -Refinery29

These vintage inspired nylons will make you look like a glam vamp. -The Frisky

Nina Dobrev is looking cute and sexy at the Let’s Be Cops premiere. -Bustle

Instead of working out to get fit, just disguise your body in these clothes. -The Stir

Sex is better for dumb people, so turn your brain when doing the deed. -YourTango

Barbara Streisand has the perfect first Instagram picture. -StyleList

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Party Favors: Lazy Girls Now Have Odor-Blocking Jeans

Party Favors: Lazy Girls Now Have Odor-Blocking Jeans

Odor-blocking jeans are the world’s gift to lazy girls. -HuffPo Style

These H&M fall designs could easily pass as high fashion. -Refinery29

Rent the Runway is officially getting a storefront so everyone rejoice! -Bustle

Who says moms can’t wear funky blue nail polish? -The Stir

Having more sex produces more vivid shared memories, so bang on. -YourTango

Three ways to wear leopard booties to make you a versatile jungle cat. -The Frisky

This kid is not a teen yet and is already one of the best dressed CEOs. -HuffPo Style

Make informed beauty choices and learn about safe cosmetics. -StyleList

Use these interview makeup tips to land the gig & look great doing it. -Divine Caroline

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