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Party Favors: Life Can Always Be A Wet T-Shirt Contest

Party Favors: Life Can Always Be A Wet T-Shirt Contest

Look like you’re wearing a wet tee-shirt & stay dry if you like that sort of thing. -Bustle

Get the perfect braided headband because real ones are lame. -Divine Caroline

Sophisticated ringlets are possible if you know what you’re doing. -HuffPo Style

Notebooks are cool, but back-to-school shopping is really about clothes. -StyleList

These fancy-looking makeup brushes won’t break the beauty bank. -Refinery29

Take a bite out of life and update your Shark Week wardrobe. -The Frisky

If you’re pregnant, you might want to cut back on antibacterial soaps. -The Stir

Kim and Kanye wear perfect complimentary fashion like none other. -YourTango

Pulling off the tricky statement skirt is possible with the right accessories. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: Make Your LBD Anything But Boring

Party Favors: Make Your LBD Anything But Boring

There’s no reason for you LBD to be so boring. -Divine Caroline

Kate Upton won’t ever pose fully nude so don’t hold your breath. -HuffPo Style

You need these workwear basics before you bust out the pink skirt. -StyleList

Swimsuits are the best when they’re on sale, so get ‘em quick! -Refinery29

These vintage inspired nylons will make you look like a glam vamp. -The Frisky

Nina Dobrev is looking cute and sexy at the Let’s Be Cops premiere. -Bustle

Instead of working out to get fit, just disguise your body in these clothes. -The Stir

Sex is better for dumb people, so turn your brain when doing the deed. -YourTango

Barbara Streisand has the perfect first Instagram picture. -StyleList

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Party Favors: Lazy Girls Now Have Odor-Blocking Jeans

Party Favors: Lazy Girls Now Have Odor-Blocking Jeans

Odor-blocking jeans are the world’s gift to lazy girls. -HuffPo Style

These H&M fall designs could easily pass as high fashion. -Refinery29

Rent the Runway is officially getting a storefront so everyone rejoice! -Bustle

Who says moms can’t wear funky blue nail polish? -The Stir

Having more sex produces more vivid shared memories, so bang on. -YourTango

Three ways to wear leopard booties to make you a versatile jungle cat. -The Frisky

This kid is not a teen yet and is already one of the best dressed CEOs. -HuffPo Style

Make informed beauty choices and learn about safe cosmetics. -StyleList

Use these interview makeup tips to land the gig & look great doing it. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Wear Pizza Prints Just Like Katy Perry

Party Favors: Wear Pizza Prints Just Like Katy Perry

Be like Katy Perry and wear your love of pizza literally on your sleeve. -Refinery29

Transition your bright whites into your fall wardrobe with a blazer. -HuffPo Style

Jillian Michaels has an activewear line at Kmart but it won’t yell at you. -Bustle

JWoww is trying to be the most glam new mom on the block. -The Stir

These old school dating practices make us yearn for phone calls. -YourTango

Nine West knows that all you really are is a wife and mother, right? -The Frisky

With 5 steps, you can have hair that Blake Lively would be envious of. -StyleList

It’s not too late to step up your summer style game. -Divine Caroline

Are you willing to forgo the regular topknot for a tippy topknot? -The Frisky 

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Party Favors: Happy National Underwear Day!

Party Favors: Happy National Underwear Day!

Celebrate National Underwear Day by buying a cute, cheap pair. -HuffPo Style

Who says backpacks are just for kids? Give these grown-up ones a shot. -Bustle

Buy Victoria Beckham’s clothes and finally dress like a Spice Girl. -HuffPo Style

Test out these DIY hippie beauty treatments for peace and love skin. -The Frisky

Make way for a new NARS lipstick line that will make you swoon. -Refinery29

Find out who your celeb fashion twin is and then share it with the world. -StyleList

Keep it simple and easy with this knotted half updo hair style. -Divine Caroline

Celebrities love to photobomb as much as we do. -YourTango

It sounds scary, but you can expertly color your own hair at home. -The Stir

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Party Favors: Finally, A Vibrator You Can Wear As A Necklace

Party Favors: Finally, A Vibrator You Can Wear As A Necklace

This cute necklace is actually a sneaky wearable vibrator. -Bustle

The best thing to come out of the Kim Kardashian game is the clothes. -The Frisky

Lollapalooza street style pics mean festival fashion is still ridic and cute. -Refinery29

A coffee bean scrub will reduce cellulite & make you smell like Starbucks. -StyleList

Use office supplies to fix your face before a company happy hour. -Divine Caroline

Stop following your mom’s advice and finally date the bad boy. -YourTango

If you’re going to wear a crop top, don’t use these celebs as examples. -HuffPo Style

You can wear these pajamas in public and no one will ever know! -The Stir

This foundation will make your face looked bathed in angelic light. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: A&F Is Trying To Rebrand With Edgy Black Clothes

Party Favors: A&F Is Trying To Rebrand With Edgy Black Clothes

Abercrombie & Fitch is trying to rebrand themselves with black clothes. -Bustle

Keep those curls frizz-free with these wonder products. -Divine Caroline

We now know what Kim Kardashian looks like without makeup. -Refinery29

Give these mascaras a try after you throw away your old dried up one. -StyleList

If she always cuts off too much, it’s time to cut ties with your hairdresser. -The Stir

New NARS ad features older actress who looks stunning. -HuffPo Style

10 fun ways to decorate your house with cats and still have friends. -YourTango

These bra hacks will make you not want to take it off when you get home. -StyleList

Add a statement necklace to your summer suit and be super on trend. -The Frisky

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Party Favors: Humidity Is No Match For Some Eyeliners

Party Favors: Humidity Is No Match For Some Eyeliners

These eyeliners refuse to smudge no matter how humid it is. -Refinery29

Shoulder pads have an awesome feminist origin. -Bustle

Looking at life through rose colored glasses just got literal. -The Frisky

Save yourself from the sun and get a faux glow. -HuffPo Style

Get yourself some beautiful berry lips like Bella Thorne. -StyleList

Watch a video of Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn getting inked. -Refinery29

Vaginal weight lifting is a thing and it will make sex incredible. -YourTango

These celebs shun their grey hair and opt for a dye job instead. -The Stir

Be a savvy shopper at the perfect consignment store. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Olivia Palermo Made A Blanket Look Cool

Party Favors: Olivia Palermo Made A Blanket Look Cool

Olivia Palermo wore a designer blanket in public and looks great. -Bustle

Make your coworkers take you seriously with these perfect work bags. -Refinery29

Non-gendered fashion is finally getting the attention it deserves. -The Frisky

TreatMint box is the first subscription box for those battling cancer. -HuffPo Style

It’s time to go nude…with clothes, not your birthday suit. -StyleList

Admire Hilary Duff‘s best denim moments, from Lizzie McGuire to now. -Bustle

A weed-themed wedding will definitely surprise Grandma. -YourTango

This is the ring that turned Andi Dorfman into a former bachelorette. -The Stir

Define those brows so you can look your absolute fiercest. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Pantsuits Aren’t For Grannies, So Suit Up

Party Favors: Pantsuits Aren't For Grannies, So Suit Up

You’re not too old to wear a pantsuit, so suit up! -Refinery29

Look as chic as Taylor Schilling in a romper and red lips. -The Frisky

All the groovy chicks are throwing it back to the 70s. -StyleList

Your preppy Sperry Top Siders were inspired by a dog. -Bustle

Dita Von Teese designed sexy lingerie for moms-to-be. -The Stir

Make your nails the prettiest version of pink you can paint. -Divine Caroline

Don’t listen to Disney Princesses when it comes to love. -YourTango

Break all the fashion rules because it’s more fun that way. -HuffPo Style

Pick the perfect summer party dress to impress the guests. -Bustle


Party Favors: Christian Siriano Doesn’t Design For Plus Size Models

Party Favors: Christian Siriano Doesn't Design For Plus Size Models

Christian Siriano doesn’t cast plus size models for shows. -The Frisky

Vaseline is the answer to your simplistic beauty prayers. -StyleList

Karlie Kloss gives us a peek into her gorgeous West Village townhouse. -Refinery29

There is no good reason for a flip flop to have a heel. -Bustle

Jennifer Lopez‘s bathtub selfie is almost too sensual for polite company. -TheStir

Tips for dealing with the dreaded scalp sunburn. -Divine Caroline

These dysfunctional superhero couples will make you like being single. -YourTango

No one better talk to you in the AM before you get your coffee mani. -HuffPo Style

Switch up the old cat-eye with these fun eyeliner looks. -Refinery29

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