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Party Favors: Glam Grannys Show Us Who’s Boss

Party Favors: Glam Grannys Show Us Who's Boss

These glam Grannys put our whippersnapper fashion to shame. -The Frisky

There’s a new Baldwin on the scene and she’s modeling for FCUK. -Bustle

A fishtail braid is too vague, try a lobster tail hair twist instead. -HuffPo Style

Your mind is going to be blown when you realize all the ways to use Q-Tips. -StyleList

A simple and chic low bun is the cutest party accessory. -Divine Caroline

The weather controls our libido whether we like it or not. -YourTango

Combat your soon to be chapped lips with this fab french lip balm. -Refinery29

Breast implants sound like a fine idea until you hear about them exploding. -The Stir

You can’t afford a new fall wardrobe so learn how to transition. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Wake Up With Dry Brushing

Party Favors: Wake Up With Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is the wake up call you didn’t know you needed. -Bustle

These labor day sales are the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. -HuffPo Style

Celebrate Lea Michele‘s birthday by checking out her top 10 looks. -StyleList

Hey girl, these phobias will ruin your love life if you let them. -YourTango

An awesome makeup artist turns beauty products into works of art.-Refinery29

Brad Pitt is finally legit off the market so check out his wedding ring. -The Stir

Abercrombie & Fitch realized no one wants to wear their name. -The Frisky

This lip balms will keep your pout feeling silky smooth. -Divine Caroline

It sounds odd, but you should condition before getting into the shower. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: Piercing Inspiration For Your Ear Bling Obsession

Party Favors: Piercing Inspiration For Your Ear Bling Obsession

Here’s a little piercing inspiration if you want some more ear bling. -HuffPo Style

These nail polish color names are absolutely ridiculous. -The Stir

The sun will come out at Target with an Annie inspired clothing line. -Bustle

Pickup lines just sound sexier when they’re not in English. -YourTango

Lizzy Caplan‘s Emmys makeup was so damn on point. -StyleList

Heading to Electric Zoo? Stuff that suitcase with stylish festival wear. -Refinery29

These arrow-themed accessories are seriously hitting the bullseye. -The Frisky

Cosmetic crafting is all the rage so make your own cream blush. -Divine Caroline

Make your super straight hair look its best with these hair cuts. -StyleList

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Party Favors: Unleash Your Inner Eyeshadow Magician

Party Favors: Unleash Your Inner Eyeshadow Magician

Become an eyeshadow magician and use this trick to make your eyes pop. -The Stir

Gap is giving equal pay for equal work, what a novel idea! -Bustle

If you’re in love with a douchebag, you might want to take a step back. -YourTango

Organize your makeup tray so your supplies aren’t as messy as your life. -HuffPo Style

Let’s all just banish acne scars and dark spots, shall we? -StyleList

A model was photoshopped from a size 8 to size 4 and she’s pissed. -HuffPo Style

What’s your damage, UV rays? The ugly truth might scare you. -Refinery29

These colors make your nails look perf when you’re taking fall nail selfies. -The Frisky

Tuck your bad hair days under a trendy DIYed turban headband. -Divine Caroline

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Party Favors: Female Tech Execs In Undies, Cute or Sexist?

Party Favors: Female Tech Execs In Undies, Cute or Sexist?

Is this ad featuring female tech execs in underwear cute or sexist? -HuffPo Style

There are tons of things you can do with Vaseline, so get your jelly on. -StyleList

Scarlett Johansson & Planned Parenthood designed an awesome tee. -Bustle

Work is drab enough already so your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be. -Refinery29

Ladies, keep that wallet in your pretty purse on the first date. -YourTango

Rent The Runway founder had to fight sexism to make her dream a reality. -Bustle

You can try to be a little more adorable like Reese Witherspoon. -The Frisky

Ditch the sturdy & sensible phone case for something much prettier.  -Divine Caroline

We steal celeb style, so why not jack their beautiful hair colors too? -The Stir

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Party Favors: Stop Holding Those Pearly Whites Back

Party Favors: Stop Holding Those Pearly Whites Back

If you want brighter pearly whites, stop having these bad habits. -StyleList

Britney Spears has something to say about Katy Perry bringing denim back. -Bustle

No one will mistake you for boring in these colorful party dresses. -Refinery29

You’ll get a swipe right by using certain buzzwords in your profile. -YourTango

Shop the tassel trend right now before everyone realizes it’s really cool. -The Frisky

These vintage swimsuits have definitely left a lasting impression on us. -HuffPo Style

It’s time to break out the scissors and start making your own creative looks. -Refinery29

You can BB super crafty and DIY some BB cream. -Divine Caroline

A classic bun worthy of a prima ballerina can be yours in 8 easy steps. -The Stir

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Party Favors: MAC Is Going Vintage Glam

Party Favors: MAC Is Going Vintage Glam

MAC’s latest fashion collaboration is vintage and fabulous. -Refinery29

Admit it, one of the best parts of Boy Meets World was Shawn’s hair. -Bustle

Sarah Jessica Parker debuts 2nd shoe line, SATC lovers rejoice. -StyleList

There were some weird side effects of the Fifty Shades of Grey craze. -YourTango

Macy’s is finally paying up after racial profiling charge. -The Frisky

Not sure where to start on your fall wardrobe? Worry no more! -HuffPo Style

Is your hair style lacking in the whimsical department? Try a ribbon. -Divine Caroline

The new phone-charging bracelet is a must have for the tech-obsessed. -HuffPo Style

There’s now a clear platform sandal that you can put stuff in. Really. -The Stir


Party Favors: Tumblr Is Going To Creep On Your OOTDs

Party Favors: Tumblr Is Going To Creep On Your OOTDs

Tumblr can now scan your OOTD to find brands which is kinda creepy. -Bustle

We bet you’re going to stock up on sunscreen after watching this video. -StyleList

These Mariah Carey songs will get you through her alleged divorce. -YourTango

If your life is so full of “nope”, you’re going to love these Etsy finds. -The Frisky

Your skin isn’t perfect yet because you’re kind of doing everything wrong. -Refinery29

These bracelets are the only arm candy you really need. -Divine Caroline

There’s now a “selfie t-shirt” on the market if you’re into unnecessary things. -Bustle

Keep it professional with these ponytails that are too good for the gym. -HuffPo Style

Distressed boyfriend jeans might be the trend to bypass this season. -The Stir

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Party Favors: Make Your Relationship Super Official With A Couple’s Frangrance

Party Favors: Make Your Relationship Super Official With A Couple's Frangrance

DIY your couple’s fragrance so everyone knows you two are together. -YourTango

Anna Wintour would never do the ice bucket challenge, right? -Bustle

Stop biting your nails and let them heal with these products. -Refinery29

NYFW better salute because the military servicewomen are coming! -StyleList

Get flawless foundation coverage even if you think you can’t. -Divine Caroline

We were never really sure what a fashion buyer did before now. -HuffPo Style

Even a broke girl can manage to look like a million bucks. -Refinery29

Spiked lemonade never looked so good. -The Frisky

All the racists bought up Zara’s “White Is The New Black” tee. -The Stir

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