skin beautifying sandwiches

Every month I tell myself I should take more time with lunch, but it’s difficult to find the time to deal with it. Dinners and desserts and weekend breakfasts I tend to go all-out for, because then at least there’s time to play. But I tend to run out the door in the mornings in such a hurry I never even think of assembling my own lunch in advance. Somehow I always wound up with a sad deli sandwich or a delicious and unconscionably expensive gourmet salad from whichever salad vendor near my office had the shortest line.

But lunch doesn’t have to be sad! If you take the time to prepare your own lunch, you can both save money and eat better. In addition to the plethora of healthful, skin-beautifying salads, there are a ton of wonderful sandwiches out there that are not only gorgeous to look at and delicious in your mouth, they also contain ingredients that can reportedly make your skin more beautiful and healthy. So many people skip meals in the pursuit of beauty, but I prefer to think of each menu as another weapon in my arsenal of skin-beautifying food.

Also, I find that making fancy sandwiches is a pretty good way to deal with making dinner for one. I don’t ever want to dirty a bunch of dishes and plates if I’m the only one eating, but a week of frozen pizzas would be tragic. (OK, not that tragic, especially not if you get the fancy frozen pizzas with spinach and then crumble goat cheese on them before putting them in the oven.) But still, sandwiches are a really easy way to go gourmet for one without destroying your kitchen.

Check out these 10 sandwiches with skin-beautifying ingredients.