Best red lipstick from a drugstore[ITPGallery]

Red lipstick is one of those staples that, once you find the perfect shade, can update your look, polish your appearance and leave you looking fabulous regardless of just about any other style choice you accompany it with. In short: it is amazing, and everyone should give it at least one try.

In the past, we’ve been over the pros & cons of wearing red lipstick on a first date, as well as how to make your red lip last all day long, but we haven’t done a whole lot of testing. After seeing all the positive feedback on the 10 Under $20 for drugstore mascaras a few weeks ago, I decided it would be fun to do one for red lipstick, too!
As with most red lipstick devotees, I have tested quite a few of them over the years. From scarlet reds to violet reds, orangey reds to pinkish reds, true reds to brick reds, I’ve tried just about any kind I could get my hands on. I have come to the conclusion that while I may play around with textures depending on the circumstances, I typically love true reds and blue reds, as I have an extremely pale complexion and these just look better with my skin tone.

For this testing session, I rated each lipstick on three categories:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Durability
  • Packaging

Normally, I wouldn’t rate stuff in that last category, but when it comes to products where the color is one of the most important features, I think it’s important to have good packaging that is at least moderately true to the shade you’ll be receiving. As for durability: each day that I wore these colors, I took a photo when it was just applied and approximately 4 hours afterward in order to get a good idea of how long they lasted.

I should also note that just because these colors may not be great with my own skin tone, that doesn’t mean they won’t be wonderful on yours. I tried to get a range of types in order to get a wide variety of snazzy products for all lipstick lovers, not just myself. So, which was my favorite? Find out!